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my self-piercing experience, fun fun

ense I was about 13 I have wanted to get my ear pierced. I never thought about body piercing in any way at all. So finally I got my mom to bring me to one of those cheesy mail stores that did a free piercing if you bought the earring. So I did it. Over the next few months I got more and more earrings, still never thinking I would get into the body-piercing thing sense I really didn’t know much about it at all or even want any. By the way, don’t trust them mall piercing places, they aren’t safe at all! Then one day when I was 15 I got really depressed about school and everything; I needed some sort of release from the anger/depression. I thought about suicide for awhile, but that’s just the wrong way out of life’s problems. So I went in my room and grabbed one of the piercing studs from one of the many earrings’ I had gotten. I was going to just pierce my ear again, but that had lost its thrill in a way. So I went in the bathroom and turned on the radio, what was playing I forget but it was metal I know that much (got me in the mood, oh baby) haha :). I looked in the medicine cabinet for some peroxide; all I could find was alcohol. So I put some on a piece of toilet paper and rubbed it all over my nose. I took another piece of toilet paper and rolled it up and stuck it up my nose so when I stuck the stud into my nose it wouldn't go into my finger or the middle section of my nose. The stud I was using was as I said a piercing stud, very thick and dull as hell. I wasn’t worried at all about the pain of it or anything, the thing I worried most about was my dad getting mad at me, he’s one of those people who thinks if guys have earrings they are gay. He’s a real jerk. So after thinking it over for about 20 minutes I decided to just do it and get it over with because maybe it would get my mind off my problems. I started by heating up the stud with a regular lighter and then proceeded to stick it through. It wasn't hurting much until it started making these popping noises, that’s when it started to hurt. Finally after (don't laugh) 30 minutes I got the little bugger in. I was so happy to have it finally over with. I would compare the pain of it to that of getting your cartilage pierced with a nail maybe. I sat there for awhile with a mirror and I felt allot of relief from the anger/depression. Ever sense then I have been addicted to piercing. I'm 18 now and have 6 earrings, 1 nose ring, 1 PA and my lip was pierced until it was ripped out last year at a concert. This week I’m going to get my eyebrow pierced at this place in Baldwinsville New York, that my girlfriend suggested. I don't really suggest doing self-piercing, because my nose did get infected for a few days and that hurt worse than the dull thick stud going in! If you ever want to get a release from stress and feel freedom, get a piercing! :) Don’t care what others will think of you if you do it, because you can be successful and happy with piercings or tattoos no matter what anyone tells you. As for the after care of my new nose ring, I did not know anything about it, so I treated it just as I did with my earrings. I had left over ear cleaning solution, so I used that on it about 2 times a day for 2 weeks. It as I said got infected, so I used some peroxide that my mom finally got me. I also use allot of alcohol pads on it, they seemed to help the best, but of course don’t take my opinion on it, always follow the correct aftercare instructions. As for what my father thought about me, he got pissed for awhile. He even started not talking to me, oh well that is his loss. After awhile He finally got the stick out of his ass and started talking to me again. So don’t worry what your parents will think, they love us kids no matter how weird we are. If anyone out there wants to talk to me about getting pierced or anything I'll be glad to help you with your decision, email me and I will help ya out as much as I can.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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