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A Captive Audience

my nipples pierced at 8 gauge. I wanted my Septum done at least 8 gauge and hoped I could find someone that would go larger. I found Him in an AOL chat room for Tattoos & Piercings. The "chat" in the room subsided and we began a lengthy conversation about size. He told me He would pierce at ANY size. I asked Him about 6 gauge and He said if He could get a needle He would do it. I asked Him about other locations and He told me He would do it anywhere I requested. I was truly excited. I finally found a piercer that had enough courage to do something(anything) new and different. I then invited Him to a private chat room to discuss further possibilities. I asked Him about other piercings such as a PA and a frenum ladder. He told me that I should worry about the septum piercing first and that we will talk about the others when I was ready for them. We set a date. When I arrived He told me He thought I wouldn't show. He told a few friends what was planned. After we talked, He called His friends. The preparations were being made. He told me He was unable to find a 6 gauge needle, but He did find a dermal punch that size and if I was still interested. YES, there was no backing out now. The endorphines were releasing and I was excited! He cautioned me that He had never done any piercings this large and I told him I hadn't ever received a piercing this large. I became even more excited. The preparations seemed to take forever. I had no idea what we were waiting for, because it seemed like everything was ready. I didn't realize we were waiting for witnesses..err i mean an audience to arrive. He asked me if i was ready. I came into the room and was completely relaxed being away from all the people in the waiting room. As I sat there waiting for the final preparations, I saw all the people in the larger room filter in grabbing a chair and sitting down to watch the procedure. At that point i was hoping that He was going to be the performer and not I. He asked me if i knew of any breathing techniques while He was searching for the "sweet spot" and marking the point of entry. I told Him that I have a pretty good tolerance to pain and I would be alright. Everything was set. He explained exactly what was going to happen to me, but I think it was more for the audience because we already talked about it. He suggested some deep breathing and so I complied and then I told Him to just do it when He was ready. The PAIN was incredible. The dermal punch made some weird noises as it literally punched its way through the septum. He had to turn the dermal punch to get more depth. Finally it was through. It lasted a full 10 seconds. He expertly pushed the dermal punch through my nostril. He let me rest and at that point i had this intense need to sneeze and yet feeling I couldn't. The audience had this incredible look of "that's it?" I asked what was wrong and somebody told me that they were expecting a real show, a scream or at least an ouch. I told them they should have told me that BEFRORE the piercing not after. They could not believe I was completely silent through the entire procedure. I wanted this guy to make sure he did it right. I was definitely not going to mess this up. After the rest period, He put a plug in to keep the hole open. The pain during this was slight, but it took quite a while to get the plug in place with the rubber rings. The stretch from 6 to 4 gauge was an employment necessity. I lost the plug He gave me and I went to the store right away and all they had was a 4 gauge. It took me about 2 minutes to get it in, but it took about 4 weeks before it didn't hurt anymore. It is now a 2 guage and I do not know if I want to go any larger at this point. I am always on a quest for new and exciting jewelry and if i cannot find what I am looking for I usually make it. If You read this and know of a place that has really unique jewelry please email me. [email protected] If You are a PAIN pig, demand Larger gauge piercings. We need to keep the piercers doing new things to keep them as sharp as their needles. Large Septum Spike http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/03-nose/sept9.html

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: That+is+a+secret
Location: Connecticut

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