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I Got My Nose Pierced. WOO!!

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Well, I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for years now, I am

only 13 and from Florida. When I first started asking for one (which later turned into begging) my parents were totally against it. "You're too young..." Blah...blah...

Well, recently my mum finally got a huge tattoo on her back she's

been waiting to get for a long time now. She's friends with a guy named Pete who owns a tattoo/body piercing shop ("Body Art by Pete") and so since he had a heart attack he works out of his shop and at home. My mum went to him since her friend got her tattoo done by him as well and they were friends.

Well, my mum eventually made friends with him and she went over time

after time (for coloring on her tattoo and just to hang out).

Then Pete offered to do me, my sister's, and my mum's noses all for

free if we had to earrings we wanted. My mum said yes to my sister (she's older than me and was gonna get it done somewhere else...my mum would rather he have it done with Pete and her there). Then when it came to me she said she didn't know. I asked my dad a couple times. No luck. Finally the night before my sister was gonna get hers done I asked my dad if I could get mine. He said yes. Woowoo! I was so happy, I could barely sleep that night.

We went up to Pete's house, which is only a couple minutes from ours.

We sat around for a while, while he got some stuff ready. Finally it was time for the piercing. My sister went first. He said our eyes would water quite a bit but it really doesn't hurt and that it's more like pressure. He did my sister's ... she said there was no pain. She did bleed a little, but she bleeds very easy but her eyes didn't water. She said that her cartilage on her ear hurt a lot worse.

My Turn. I went, kinda expecting the worst. He put a clamp type thing

on my nose, he said that was the worst part. He let it hang there while he was getting the needle ready and all that. I had like 6 people staring at me (my sister, mum, some kids that were at the house, Pete's wife Lonna, etc...) which made me feel weird but all the littler kids there wanted to watch us get our noses pierced. He got the needle and all and then he said again my eyes would water, etc.. He kinda rested his wrist on my upper nose and that's when I closed my eyes. He put the need through fast and left it there for a minute while he got the earring. It didn't hurt at all! But my eyes did water quite a bit but no bleeding. I was so happy! Then he went to put the earring in the little like cranny part (or whatever you wanna call it) at the top to slide through. That was kinda uncomfortable, didn't really hurt but I guess I wasn't ready for it. He put the back on and I was done. He did say something like "Oh I'm married I have trouble finding the hole..." because he couldn't get the earring in the top of the needle for a minute. Haha.

After me my mum went and hers went the same...no bleeding or anything.

Me and my sister both ended up using one of Pete's earrings he

actually got for us. So the piercing didn't cost us anything...and it was so easy and painless. It took barely a minute.

So far it isn't sore at all, I slept on that side of my face and

everything. I couldn't even tell. I actually forget about it sometimes. Everyone is happy with it and I definitely do recommend it to anyone!

Now were friends with Pete (which we now call Uncle Pete. hehe.) He's

really nice and if you live in the Southwest, Florida area I really recommend using him. He is like a biker type guy but doesn't act like the "stereotypical" type...he gave us all hugs when we were walking out the door and offered us any piercing for free as long as we had to earring and a discount to any of our friends.

Well, that's my experience I hoped that help someone see that nose

piercing isn't painful if you can get the right guy to do it.

Oh and on another note...I wouldn't recommend getting your nose or

any cartilage done with a piercing gun. It shatters the cartilage and is more painful in the nose (I'm not sure about the ears). I know Pete doesn't do it...he refuses. Ok that's all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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