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Popsicle Nose

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When I was 15, I finally persuaded my father to let me have a nostril piercing. It was easy to get the permission, for it wasn't my first facial piercing...I had my eyebrow done less than a year earlier. My eyebrow piercing was a breeze, virtually painless and fast, a great first serious piercing. I brought a friend with me to the tattoo parlor which consisted of a small house with a type of homely lobby and then back room dedicated to piercings and tattoos.

Waiting in the flourescently lit room before the piercing, surrounded

by pictures and testimonials, tattoo samples, and talking nervously and enthusiastically to my friend, I nervously paced across the room. I wasn't as nervous as the last time I was there; before my friends who were with me then told me it was going to hurt, which was disproved. I was expecting a quick pinch, and then a release of endorphins through my body, and the great feeling of a new piercing, the judgmental glances of strangers.

Finally, the piercing specialist : a husky, bearded, fully tattooed man told me to follow him into the room. I knew him from before and he remembered me. He was a sweetheart with looks which would deceive most people. My family and I trusted this salon fully, because of the past experience, and the owner was in the newspaper for having such a great reputation in such a small place.

 In the piercing room, (which my friend and mother were not allowed

to enter) there was a medical table, the usual kind that a doctor uses, the assorted 'Biohazard' containers, and autoclaved instruments wrapped in plastic. My piercer, Michael, had me sit on the mud-colored, medical table.

"You're gonna have to shove this popsicle stick up your nose." Said my piercer, holding a rather large tongue depressor. "I beg your pardon?" I said, eyeballing the wooden beast. He explained the procedure; I don't really recall what precisely he did, but it was something like:

First, push tongue depressor into nostril. Then, stick needle through one side, and hit the stick. Then, somehow slide the stick out and push the needle in farther. Put captive hoop into hollow end of needle and push through.

(Editor's note: Most piercers use a receiving tube to avoid this rather awkward step).

Fine, that seemed simple enough, I had thought to myself. I stuck the popsicle stick up my nose and held it. I asked for a somewhat large gauge needle...14 g. It was quite huge for me...but I wanted it. So he tried it out. No matter how many times he would push it through, it was too thick. I have no idea why, but it just wouldn't budge. Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation on my face and then my hand. I glanced down and noticed there was blood pouring out of my nose. It was really odd, Mike cupped his hand under my wounded nose, having it fill up with blood in seconds. My white shirt was stained with crimson, blood dripped into my mouth. It was a strange sensation, partly because it didn't really hurt too bad. My eyes were watering, for the tear ducts are somehow affected by the nose.

"This has never happened before...." said Mike, his blue eyes wide and frightened as he patted me on the shoulder, repeatedly asking me if I was OK. I didn't cry, I just said..."Oh crap, my shirt." They washed it for me, and in the meantime, Mike asked "Do you wanna go for it again with a smaller gauge?" I thought about it...thoughts of how great it would look and the rush of having my endorphins pumping full speed through my veins. "Yes"

Mike pierced my nose with a 16 g, and this time it hurt like a bitch, but it wasn't bleeding like hell either. He gave me a miniature container of Dial soap and some Triodine (it's pretty much iodine). It took about a week for it to stop hurting, especially because I went on a trip shortly after I got it done, just to have my eyebrow ring ripped out. But now my nose piercing is perfect. Even after this freak accident, I still went on to getting my eyebrow repierced (it got ripped out) and then my labret done. Because this was a peculiar accident, I still trust the place, and its reputation is the same in my mind. Bottom line, if you are considering getting a nostril piercing, this, without a doubt, won't happen to you, and I still really recommend it. It's a great piercing, it doesn't get in the way, it looks great, and doesn't heal up as fast as any oral piercing. I think if you can't decide if you want a facial piercing, go for it if you have enough responsibility to clean and keep the piercing in! You probably won't regret it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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