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My Nostril Piercing

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In college, I had a dorm mate who was from India. While chatting with her in her room one day, I noticed a picture of her with a little red nose stud. I didn't even notice that she had her nose pierced (possibly she had let it heal over) but I was quite intrigued. I had never thought about nose piercing before; now that I had seen one, it seemed very feminine and sexy.

Of course, back in the early 80's, there were VERY few places to have something like that done. But I always thought that if the opportunity arose, I'd do it.

Fast forward to 1997...now piercing parlors are commonplace, and nose piercing is not so unusual. However, my hubby hated the idea, so I gave up on the notion. Then out of the blue, for Valentine's Day, he gave me an option for my present: a tattoo or a nose ring. I called both of the local piercers early the next morning! One wasn't open, but the other said he could do it that afternoon. I was so psyched!!

I had no choice but to take my younger daughter with me, but that was OK. When I got out of the car, I immediately knew I had made the right choice. Crow's tattoo and piercing studio is right in his own home, and the calm, natural setting put me at ease right away. My daughter sat on the little bridge spanning the creek that ran through the yard, and played with the ducks and cats while I went inside.

Crow's studio was bright and clean, but didn't have that "artificially sterile" feel to it. He explained how the piercings were done, the aftercare that would be needed, and for how long (6 months). He gave me the option of a stud ($20 total for the stud and the actual piercing, with a gun) or a ring ($10 and up for the ring, $30 for the piercing, done with a needle). I had my heart set on a ring, but was secretly a little surprised at how big they all were. I don't know anything about gauge sizing, but they were all pretty thick and large in diameter. I picked what looked to me like the smallest.

The necessary forms were filled out, everything carefully explained to me. Crow had me clean my own nostril, inside and out, with a betadine wipe. He then got out the trusty marker and a mirror so I could choose where I wanted the piercing. I see a lot of very high piercings, so that the nose ring doesn't even seem to swing free, but instead the inside surface of the ring touches the bottom of the nostril. I didn't want that; I liked the idea of my ring swinging along as I walked grin He was surprised that I wanted a low piercing, but he was all for doing whatever I wanted. He gently persuaded me to place it just a little higher than I wanted, since the ring would hang so low, and I conceded to his experience and judgment.

Crow asked me to lay down on a table, and he talked to me gently, explaining exactly what he was doing as he got everything ready. In went the cork..."take a deep breath"...OWWWWW!! I tense up just for a second; it really hurt going in! But Crow spoke quietly and reassuringly, and told me to stay still for a minute until the initial shock wore off. I lay there thinking "I really did it, there's no going back now! I have a huge needle in my nose!" LOL He had explained previously that the piercing and insertion of the ring would be done in stages, to minimize pain, damage, and shock. He once again explained, as he worked, that it was traumatic to remove the needle and then insert a ring, so he gently put the edge of the ring inside my nose, against the needle, and used the ring to push the needle out, all in one motion--so the ring was in as soon as the needle was out! Crow had me rest for a few more minutes, then he twisted the ring closed.

He stressed several times that I needed to take it easy, even if I felt OK. Even after I sat up, he made me stay a little longer until he was satisfied that I wouldn't pass out or anything. He once again went over the aftercare instructions, gave me a bottle of antiseptic lotion, and sent me on my way. The endorphin rush didn't hit until I was in the car...I was high for the rest of the day!

Healing went well except for an incident on the 3rd day--my daughter accidentally punched me in the nose, and it got infected. I doubled up on my disinfecting routine, and it healed up in no time.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Crow was ever so gentle and had a calming influence on me; I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else if I decide to get another piercing. I love the look and feel of wearing a nose ring; most of the feedback I get is positive. All in all, it was a super experience!

---Jennie [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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