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Self inflicted wound to the left nostril!

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Hi I'm Dan. This is my awful painful horrid infectious (can you tell i'm kidding?) story of a self nose piercing. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That I am stupid for doing it myself and should have got a professional to do it. You see, I'm not old enough and I didn't have permission to get it done.

First of all - I'm a tad overweight and my mom agreed to let me get my eyebrow pierced if I lost 25 pounds (btw I'll be doing that myself too, gotta order the tools though) but screw that. I want my eyebrow pierced THEN I'll lose damn weight. Ever since I made that deal, I wanted a body piercing like the dessert wants rain.

The whole nose piercing started one monday night. I was watching late night tv, and I started thinking, damn I want a piercing for the summer. So I went through everything I could do, more ear piercings, cartilage, which is about all you can do with non-hollow sharp things. I then thought about doing my nose, and I was like, nahhhh. I didn't know if it was safe to pierce on your own, but then I recalled how some people got it pierced with a gun - same thing as a sewing needle right? So I pinched it a couple times to get a feel for how this piercing might feel. Ouchies! No way in hell I was doing it. Couple minutes later I re-thought it. I thought about how it would look. A girl at school had it done, it kicked ass. So I considered it more. Eventually I talked myself into it! I recall sitting up in bed and saying steadily, "I AM PIERCING MY NOSE! I AM PIERCING MY NOSE!"

Next day, when I got home at 3 or so, I strapped on my sandals, got a wad of cash, pack of smokes, and headed out for the bus. I was on my way into town to get some supplies!! Bactine, Solarcaine (??), Alcohol, and a pack of needles with balls on the end. It ended up costing 10 bucks. Not bad for a piercing eh?? Then I went for the jewelry. I shelled out 20 clams for a damn 18ga barbell! Jeez I hate spending money! Time to go home. When I got there, my mom was leaving for work. I told her, "I'll have a nice new piercing when you get back!" She didn't say anything, because she was opposed to it.

Heres where it gets good. I say to myself, "Self, no time like the present!" So I take my supplies to my piercing studio i.e. BATHROOM (lol) and lay my supplies out. Then I whip out a few needles and boil them for 3 minutes in a small cup of water. Those three minutes were pretty tense. I breathed in and out. Then my autoclave (microwave) beeped, and I took them out. They were nice and hot.

So I take them to the bathroom, and I take out some cottonballs. First numbing the shit out of it with the solarcaine which I must say works like a charm. Then, cleaning that with peroxide, and cleaning that with bactine, and cleaning THAT with alcohol! I pick my nose and rub around the inside of my left nostril with alcohol, and I say, here goes. Then I held the sharp needle up to my numb nose. I closed my eyes, and pushed with all my strength. I stopped before it went all the way through and applied less pressure as to not scratch my septum. It started bleeding a lot so I cleaned that with alcohol while a large needle was through my nose (it was funny) When it stopped, I whipped out the barbell I bough, which was 18ga, and pulled the needle out. That hurt like a bitch. Not a cut kind of hurt, but a pinch kind of. Then I try to fit the barbell through which I realize is about 3x the diameter of my hole. SHIT I scream, so I find a stud real quick, clean it with alcohol, and work it through. I breathe and look at a gold stud in my nose. So fuckin cool! I look awesome with my new mod, and then I rub all around it with bactine and alcohol and peroxide, then clean off a stud backing and put it on. Then I take a smoke outside and enjoy the feeling of a fresh piercing in my nose.

Its been two days now. Everyone loves it. Even my mom who hated the idea at first. Now she thinks its cute. Earlier tonight, I took my stud out to try and get a ring on, no go. So I try to put the stud back in, but it wont go in! I work it through by pushing and weaving, and I have to apply pressure like I was piercing it again. I don't know whether I pierced it again, making a Y kind of thing, Or if I got it through the same hole, and it was only because noses heal quickly. If anyone can email me about this, and give any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. I want my lip, and eyebrow pierced. Maybe I'll be posting again soon! I hope!

-dan [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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