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My Latest Stabbing: The Septum

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OK, so less than a month ago, after having my tongue pierced (finally) I decide it'd be a good idea to pierce my septum, so I grab my wallet and head down to my piercing (the Gothic Alternative, great place, if your ever on Vancouver Island (BC) I highly recommend it) studio to see my piercer (Jason, he's great, he's pierced me many times, and he's gorgeous too, so its all good). I made my appointment for the next day and left.

The next day I walk in and Jay (the other piercer) was running around

trying to find a retainer that'll fit my septum (supposedly my septum is quite tiny ) so my friends and I sat and waited, went and got something to eat and then came back. An hour later things were ready, so Jason and I went in to get it done. Now Jason has only been piercing for just over a year and has never done a septum so Jay was in watching and helping.

First they sat me down in what seemed like a dentist chair and next thing I

knew Jay's fingers were up my nose trying to find my "sweet spot". He grinned and told Jason to come over. "this'll be like butter" he says and then Jason's fingers were up my nose. Finally, after the incessant mockery I received from my friends, everything was ready. So here we go!

Jason marked the spot and checked it what must've been 12 times and then he

put the receiving tube in place and on a 4 count ( breathe in on one, out on two, in on three and then grunt/sigh on four ) he stuck me. It hurt a little but it wasn't unbearable, definitely the most painful of all my piercings (I've 11 other major facial piercings). It was kind of a burning sensation, definitely pain, but good pain grin . He handed me a mirror so I could see the needle in it (my only request). I smiled what must've been the biggest I could have and gave him the mirror, the he put the retainer in. That was a little tricky it went in about half way and then wouldn't move, so Jason pushed and prodded it, using finger and clamps (the clamps hurt) and finally after a lot of blood and little pain it was through. He cleaned it up and I was done. Damn it looked great! I paid, thanked Jason and left.

The next few days were fine, not too much discharge thought I did bump it a

few times which hurt. Day 4 came around and it was horrible. I cleaned it up and yeah, whatever, not a big deal. Then, the next thing I knew the retainer was in the sink. Oops. I picked it up, took a deep breath and put it back in. Other than that lil' mishap, everything was fine. A few weeks later everything was cleared up and I went in and got a curved barbell put in and it looks awesome now.

I pierced my tongue to spite those around me. Being told it was "horrible

and disgusting" just made me want to pierce it more. It was an "irresponsible decision" and an all together stupid piercing, after all, you don't even see my tongue piercing when I speak. My septum is a different story. That I pierced because, well… I'm not really sure. Its not for show, and its not for the attention, after all- I keep it hidden most of the time, around family anyway (my curved barbell flips up and stays relatively hidden). I didn't tell anyone that I was going to pierce it, nor do I tell anyone unless I am asked what is in my nose.

Now, just over a month after having it pierced I adore it.  I clean it

before bed and when I wake up. Actually, I don't clean, I soak it. I'm bad, I know. (I recommend you clean it or else it'll start to stink, not that I know from experience or anything…. seriously… this is what I was told) I've got an awesome cleaner as well as a moisturiser specifically for my piercings, which I use every time I clean it. When I used the "soap" I soak it really well and then clean it and rinse (repeat as needed). (now I'm just going on cause I need 800 words...)

I love this piercing and will never regret getting it.  When I have it

visible, I get a lot of attention from it, most of it being negative. In fact, I was just told the other day that I am a freak and I'm out to destroy the world, just like every other hoodlum who is thinks they need to express they individuality (which, again, is not why I get pierced). "why can't you all just accept who you are and live a "normal" life". This is definitely one of those In-your-face piercings. If you can handle this type of stereotypical point of view, go for it. its a great piercing. E-mail me if you've any questions.

Erin [email protected]>


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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