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I pierced my own septum three different times in the same place.

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I'm sixteen right now and I've pierced my septum three times in the same place. Here's the story.

It all started three years ago when I lived in Kansas. I decided one day that I wanted my tongue pierced. I told my dad about the idea and he wasn't to thrilled. He wouldn't have minded, but we lived in a town of about 500 people and the entire population about had a heart attack when I pierced my ear. Anyway I begged and begged for a few years and he still wouldn't take the bait. Finally, we moved back to my home town of Pueblo, Colorado. I had been staying with my uncle for a few months while my dad stayed back in Kansas to take care of some business. One day during Christmas break While with my dad who was visiting and one of his friends I finally, talked him into letting me have a piercing.

The only problem was that in Pueblo you have to be 18 to get piercings no exceptions! When I found this out I was pissed. So, I talked him into buying me a body piercing kit from the local Independent Record store. After getting the kit I decided after hearing a few horror stories about tongue piercings that it was to dangerous to do at home by myself. So, I searched the net for a few hours and I finally found a piercing site (not this one sorry to say). Anyway, I looked through some pics and read some stories and decided the septum was the way to go.

After allot of thinking I finally got the guts to do it. I took the piercing kit into the bathroom, washed my hands(of course) put some alcohol in each side of my nose threw some Neosporin on the needle and shoved it through. This hurt like a bitch when it punctured the skin because I went very slow. I bent the ring shoving it through the hole in my nose, but it actually looked pretty damn good.

As luck would have it my dad decided we should go visit my grandparents the next day. Well, that was allot of fun after allot of bitching and whining they actually talked me out of my piercing. Oh, well that wasn't the last time I pierced it.

A couple of months later I moved back in with my dad and decided I wanted my septum piercing back. I got a new kit and repeated the whole process.

This time though, I decided no matter how much crap I got I was NOT going to let my piercings go. The next Monday when I went to my school my vice-principal came to me during lunch and said piercings were only allowed in the ear. Of course it's not in the rule book so I brought my mom in and we had a meeting with him. After an hour or so of debating he said either the piercings went or I did. It was only two weeks before finals so I had no choice. Out went the piercings.

Two weeks later school got out! The first night of summer I whipped out my piercing kit. Sterilized my stuff with some fire and alcohol and tossed the ring right back into my septum. This time I've had it in for about two weeks and it hardly bothers me. I can't even feel it unless I touch it. I also did my eyebrows on the same night, but that's a whole different story. I get allot of crap for my piercing, but oh well, I give no damn. I think I'll go ahead and pierce my tongue when I get the money and I also want to do my lip.

Well, that's it (I know it's a bit much, but I wanted to get the whole story in), hope you enjoyed it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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