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Did getting your nose pierced hurt?

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When people ask me if getting my nose pierced hurt, I tell the truth and say yes. When I meet other people with pierced noses, it's hard for me to believe that they weren't in pain too. Here's my story.... (and it's long, so bear with me)...

July 31st, 1998 I left for Germany. I was part of a group of 60 American teens doing a foreign exchange. The first month in Germany we all lived together in a hostel (a big dorm-type place). I went to Deutschland with 3 piercings in my left ear and one in my right ear that I had had since sixth grade. I was a normal, blonde, sorta preppy/techno/Gadzooks kind of girl. Within that first month I knew I was bound to change. I got the front half of my hair professionaly dyed fire red. It was great.

Then I got to my host family, and so many things changed. The people, the town, new friends at my German school, my attitude. I was definitley more mature and independent. I figured~ hey. I'm the new American girl anyway, so if I change, who the hell is gonna care?

Then my friend Kerstin decided to get her cartilidge re-pierced from before. We went to a ritzy lookin' jewelry shop, and much to my surprise, you didn't need parental consent or anything. She just handed them 6 marks (about $3.25) and she was pierced!! That was enough to get me hooked. For that price I could afford some more holes in my ears.

Sorry this is long, but it does eventually get to the nose....just be patient!!

Within the next month, I acquired 8 new ear piercings. Sleeping was hard, condsidering it took FOREVER for them to heal. I wrote my ma and mentioned something about a few more holes, but not that they had tripled. Freedom is a beautiful thing....

Then I became interested in nose piercings. It's really common there, and most jewelry stores do it. So, one day Kerstin and I walked into another ritzy jewelry store, called Goldschmeider (or whatever the hell it was) and I said I wanted my nose pierced. I got the 30 marks out (about $18) and laid it on the counter.

This is where the story gets very interesting......

The man is in his mid-thirties, extremely nice, and has no gloves on, which I didn't even notice. He rubs a bit of alcohol on my left nostril, whips out a blue marker and puts a dot on my nose. Didn't ask if it was okay, so I took it upon myself to check the spot. It wasn't very good, so I re-marked it. So now I'm expecting a nice hollow needle or something. Nope. He opens the cute diamond stud I picked out, loads it into a fricking I'm-10-years-old-getting-my-ears-pierced-at-the-mall gun, shoves it in my nose (I swear to God I still don't know how it fit), and punctures my nose without flinching!

The pain was like nothing I had ever felt. I stood there making these little gaspy noises while Kerstin laughed her German ass off at me. I ran to the mirror to inspect my Rudolph-like schnoze, and started crying. Yes, I cried, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

So then I had an ear-piercing stud in my nose, which refused to stay in at night. Therefore I was forced to tape it in with medical tape. Looked real nice....

The guy gave me a small squeezer bottle of something, so I put that on, hoping it would clean it. It must have been okay, cause my nose has never been infected (knock on wood).

I changed the stud after 2 weeks I think, and put in a star. I wore that for a long time, because I tried in a ring and hated it. Awhile back I tried a ring again, and realized I had only had the wrong size. Now I wear a little hope with a silver ball on it. It looks totally cute, if I may say so!

Went to Germany with 4 earrings and blonde hair, came home with 13 piercings and dark purple hair (among the many colors it's been). My ma loves my nose ring now too, after the general shock that I did it after she said NO wore off. Since then I've also pierced my ears twice more myself, which she just last week realized.

Now I can't decide whether or not not to get a lip ring, my nipples pierced or my eyebrow pierced. Decisions, decisions....

Thanks for listening to my long ass story about my nose ring. I love it and recommend it if you have a cute nose for it.

Email questions, comments, hate mail or love letters (love letters if you're a hot guy punck ages 17-20) to: [email protected]

Thanks again, ~Sara


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on: 01 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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