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Nose Piercing Experience

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hello!  i have seen the sample pictures of your site and i love it.

my husband is in the air force and he says that the 'governments money shouldn't be spent on pictures of freaks' so i am going to try to submit an experience for a membership. i am 18 and i have my eyebrow, nose, tongue, labret, and one nipple pierced. i would have sent a picture, but i didn't think it would be sufficient material. my first piercing was my nose, so i would like to tell that story. thank you for having such a wonderful site. i would love to visit you everyday to see all the beautiful people and their art :)

when i was 12 years old, i saw someone in a video that had their nose

pierced and i wanted one from that second!! i had no idea that there were places that could actual put a ring in my nose. i thought that i would have to get some ice and a sewing needle. ouch. i decided to ask my parents about that . . . .

needless to say i got yelled at.  i didn't understand why they were

against this nose thing. i mean i got my ears pierced when i was 3 years old. i think by 12 i should have been promoted up to my nose. but they said that they couldn't have their daughter looking like a freak. and they were disgusted by my desire to have one.

when i was 13, i still had not shut up about the ring that i wanted

to be implanted in my nostril to try to be fair and to keep from hearing about it everyday i was allowed to get my conch pierced. three days later, i was back on the case of my nose. my dad then informed me that when he saw a girl with a nose ring he automatically thought 'slut' and that he would not have people thinking of me that way. (thought to herself) hey, i didn't ask to get my clit pierced!!!

my dad had promised me when i was very little that on my 16th

birthday i could have a tattoo. of course he denied it when the time came. he had grown up a little over the years. so i thought 'well, this is my 16th birthday. my sweet 16! i know i can con them into it.' on my birthday, i got a card from my parents. inside the card were clippings of a magazine. there were 6 ears with earrings in them, and 6 noses. i couldn't believe it! they were actually going to go trough with this. at first i thought it was a trick and they were playing a 'birthday gag' but when i saw the look of dread in their eyes, i knew it was really going to happen.

i put my shoes on and made sure my silver lipstick wasn't smeared and

i was ready to go. but . . . it was to late in the day for us to go get it done. i couldn't help but feel let down. i had been waiting for this for 4 years already! so i calmed down and thought that one more day would not kill me. little did i know that it would take almost two weeks for the day finally to arrive.

my parents had asked around everywhere to make sure that the

procedure would be the most sterile environment possible. and it just so happened that the piercer, who was the cleanest in their opinion, had the flu. so i almost did die from the wait! even after he was well and back to work, my parents continued to put it off. i had to talk my mother into taking off work early and picking me up from school so we could get there before they closed.

the drive there was only 30min.  but it seemed like it was the

longest drive in my entire life! when we arrived, there were men covered in bright inks standing in the front of the shop straddling motorcycles it was intimidating to me and i held my breath as we walked in. my mom told a woman in the front that i was going to get my nose pierced today and i just stood there and smiled at her. that was all i could do, i was so nervous. she said that the piercer was standing outside talking with someone (yikes-one of the tattooed men in front!) and that he would be back in just a min.

i tried to breathe and concentrate  i pretended to look at the sheets

of assorted tattoos that covered all the walls. and i think my mom was as nervous as i was because she was doing the exact same thing. then a big man with no hair on his head walked in and showed me where to have a set.

there was just a little bar around the area where the chair was and

people were standing around talking and watching. my hands were sweaty and i was so scared, but i tried to keep calm. i thought about how long i have waiting for this very moment and how it would only take 2 seconds for it to be over. (repeating to self) four years to 2 seconds. four years to 2 seconds.

 he put his gloves on and explained to me what was going to happen.

it didn't sound to bad. he was calm when he explained it so i thought it couldn't be to malicious he warned me that the rubbing alcohol would be cold. and it was!! then he dotted my nose with a tiny blue marker and stared at it for several seconds. then he shook his head and rubbed it off with the alcohol, no warning this time, and redotted it. then he handed me a mirror and asked if that was where i wanted it to go. it was so perfect! right in the curve beside my freckle! that's when i saw the package with the ring and the NEEDLE!

he opened a package that had a set of clamps in it and he opened the

little package that had the ring and needle. he showed me the equipment so i wouldn't freak when they got close to my face. my mom was almost white. i tried to smile at her and i realized that i was already smiling even though i was nervous, i was so excited at the same time. i was still in shock that it was really happening and nothing was going to stop it.

he clamped my nostril and that hurt like a bitch!  it took a few min.

for him to position it correctly so he could work around it. a few tattooed men were watching and it made me feel like i had some balls! then he brought the needle up to the blue dot.

  my mom said she wasn't going to watch and i closed my eyes too.

breathing and trying to be as still as i could, i waited for the pain. i felt the needle on my nose but there was no pressure. yet. then he counted: 'on three. one . . . . two . . .' and it was on two! but i sat still and didn't jerk at all. it took all i had to not pull away. then he took the clamps off and i felt a relief. (oh, but i still felt the needle sticking out of my nose!)

'it's almost done' he assured me.  and i felt him pull the needle out

while pushing the ring in. it sort-of tickled, but it hurt at the same time. then my ring was in but it got pulled a lot while the ball was being clicked into place. that hurt to! i was warned about the cold again as the blood was cleaned up. then i got to see it in the mirror. i love it! it was more beautiful than i thought it would be. i never wanted to take it out and i was so proud of it. the pain was worth it. this was mine.

it was time to pay and go home.  (i couldn't wait to show it off!)

but . . . it seemed that my mom had forgot to get cash, so they offered to keep me as collateral while she went to the atm. i was a little nervous, but i felt like a big shot. i tried to get my tongue done while my mom was away, but they strongly enforced the 'minor must have parent signature' thing. (that came later anyway)

my mom made it back, paid, and we hoped in the car.  i put the sun

visor down to stare at my new piercing in the mirror. i could not stop smiling. my face was really glowing. i was so happy. i knew this would not be the last, but it would always be special for being the first.

when we got home, i so wanted to hear my dad's approval  but i just

got a weird look and a comment about being a freak. my mom was with me throughout the whole thing, but she didn't like it either. my brother who was 13 then, thought it was cool. so i shared it with him and myself. and then later my dad asked me how it went. :)

now i have several piercings.  my parents are more accepting, but

they seem disappointed when i go home to visit and i have a new one. my grandma thought it was just disgusting 3 years ago, but now she thinks i am smart for getting piercings instead of tattoos. since the holes will grow up. so i guess i won't show her . . . . .

thank you for reading my story.  it is my favorite thing to share

with people who have the same interests.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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