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okay i wanted my septum pierced just after i got my tongue, which i got after i got my labret. I concidered it for a while before I got it done. I decided I really wanted it. (I think that you should really think piercings over before getting them.)So, I made my septum appointment for the saturday when i got back from my trip. Of course, I had the feeling when I left for my trip that I wasn't going to beable to get it. So, when I got back I was right. I had a terrible cold and I didn't think it would be very good to get a NOSE piercing while you have a cold. So, I cancelled it that night. I reschedualed it when I was better.

The day of the piercing: I had school this day so I was excited all day. I told everyone that i'd be getting it done and a lot of them thought I was crazy and that i'd look like a bull. I didn't really care anymore because this was something that I wanted. I was sure I wanted it. So, when I got to the piercing place I payed my money and the piercer Mike. (Who is a super good piercer) was ready to take me in. We signed the papers and I got ready.I asked him if my sister could come in with me but he thought it would be better just the two of us because a septum piercing is one that needs lots of concentration. I was fine with this because I was comfortable with him and I've never been in for a piercing alone so it was something new. (plus this guy is hot) Anyways I took my shoes off and stepped into the room.

I was more excited then scared. He sat me down and explained all the care to me. He also told me he'd be quitting his current job as piercer at divine and moving on to be the piercer for The crypt. I didn't mind because I go to the Crypt a lot. Anyways, he asked if I had any questions. And the only question I had was if it was going to hurt. He said it should be bareable and he'd try to be gentle and not hurt me. I trusted him so we went on with the piercing. I hopped up onto the chair. I think its a dentist chair. He put his gloves on and poked around in my nose. Joking something about picking my nose. He poked around with the end of the needle to find where he would pierce. I forgot to add that he coated my nose with iodine I think. Whatever it was it was brown and didnt smell too good. He said he was ready.

So, he asked me if I remembered "the breathing" of course I did i've been pierced here before. I call it the breathing. Its a chee breathing. The piercing takes one second. It goes: You breath in on one, and you push all the nervousness and pain out on the exhaling breath two, in on three and the piercing is done on the exhaling breath four. So, as he got ready he told me to practise the breathing. Then he said he'd start the count. I seen the needle and shut my eyes. In on one, out on two ( I was hoping my breath didn't stink. I was sure it didn't cuz I brushed twice before I went.) in on three I starting shaking out of four and wham. That hurt. I felt the needle go through all the way. It felt like a stingy pain. Just for a second. Then it throbbed a bit. I looked down at that needle. He said to do the breathing again while he put the retainer in. The retainer was no problem. No pain there. He cleaned my nose up. It was done. That wasn't bad....

I hopped down off the chair and thanked him. He thanked me for the visit and told me to come see him in about 3 weeks when he starts at the Crypt. I went out and showed my mom and sister. They asked if it hurt and I said kinda. It never hurt at all for the rest of that day.

Day 1: Today I went back to school. Everyone was surprised at me. Some of them thought it was gross. Most thought it was cool. I really like it. It doesn't hurt at all. I cleaned it the night I got it and this morning.

Day 2: I banged it today and it hurt. It doesn't hurt anymore. Its a little sore but thats all.

Well its been 3 weeks. I still haven't got it changed to a circular barbell yet but I will soon. I banged it a few other time. One when it almost fell completely out and hurt for the rest of the day. I've been getting crusty stuff on the retainer but not as much. I think this was a good piercing to get. I like it a lot. I recommend this piercing to anyone who likes no pain afterwards but doesn't mind a little getting it done. There are tons of jewlery choices and its not hard to take care of.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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