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Nose piercing

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As an introduction, I would like to start with a warning - Piercing is addictive.

My interest in body modifications took-off in the mid 1980's when many younger people were getting their noses pierced.

I said to myself that this looked so pretty and I knew that I too wanted my nose pierced too. Also memories came back to me when I was in my second from last year in school (1980) when I really fancied this pretty girl whom had just joined our school. I was a very shy person,and still am. It was like love at first sight although I did not date this girl. Within 4 days, if memory serves me right, the girls name was Mandy, Mandy came to school wearing this beautiful diamond lookalike stud in her nose. I knew then it looked so pretty.

5 years later, nose piercing was very trendy in London and I wanted mine.

This was difficult because I was in a professional job and also I was living at home and was very concerned with the reaction of people.

One weekend when going on a leisure trip to Birmingham, I got my nose pierced, albeit with a gun.

When I told the assistant that I wanted my nose pierced, a crowd of about 20 people assembled in the shop to watch as nose piercing was a novelty at this moment in time.

Unfortunately as it was a novelty, there was only a choice of 4 large ear studs. I decided to have my ear and nose pierced with a plain gold stud.

The assistant showed me to the seat and I was getting really excited, the adrenaline was high. He gave me a tissue to blow my nose and told me 'from now on, picking your nose would be a thing of the past'.

He cleaned the nose, then marked the spot and showed me in the mirror if I was happy which I was. I noticed the crowd of people were watching with bated breath what was going to happen next. I noticed the stud being inserted into the gun and the gun being placed on my nose. I think he was making some adjustments to it as I felt my nostril being squeezed tighter and tighter.

He told me to relax and to take some deep breathes and gently pushed my head to an angle.

The next thing I knew was hearing a little click coming from the gun and feeling a little pinch in my nose and a couple of tears coming from my eye.

I couldn't believe it that I was finally pierced. I was shown in the mirror my new piercings and I was so pleased. Somebody from the crowd watching asked me whether it hurt and I said not at all.

I paid my money was given aftercare instructions and was so, so pleased with my piercings.

People in the street were giving strange looks, as if I was some strange freak! I was over the moon.

My beauty mark only lasted until Sunday evening when I took my studs out reluctantly because of work as no body else had their nose or other visible piercing (other than ears), but I knew that I loved the look.

I got married in 1992 but before I got married I asked my wife to be what she thought of nose piercing and she said it looked good and she too would like a little diamond in her nose. This excited me as I knew deep down that I wanted to get re-pierced but nothing came of it. In 1994, I finally got pierced again although now my wife did not like the idea of being pierced.

I went through the same piercing experience with an adrenaline rush and massive high when the stud went through. With work, I was now working on a freelance basis and was still very conscious about my nose. I used to cover it with a little plaster when going to work for about 6 months and then I thought to myself, t the heck with it, it is my body, and people should respect me for what I am rather than appearances.

It was very nerve racking to show off my piercing to clients, but they all got used to it and none of them actually said anything adverse about it. Also at church I was very conscious as I was a lay minister of the Eucharist and you are expected not to be flamboyant. To my surprise, the priest or anybody else said anything bad about it although several people both male and female friends said it looked really nice as I was wearing a very small gold stud.

I am so pleased that I done it and it is a part of me now. I feel naked if I take my jewellery out but unfortunately my wife will not allow me to wear a ring as she dislikes the look although it is nice to wear a ring for a change and on a very casual social engagement.

Since then I have got my navel pierced on Christmas Eve (1995) and very recently as a 32nd Birthday present, I got my tongue pierced. As I said in the introduction, piercing is addictive.

I love all three of my piercings as they enhance the beauty of our bodies, however, my wife has reservations but she is being to like the piercings now as she comments 'the gold stud is nice in your nose, don't wear the banana bell in your stomach, the ring looks sexier'. As for the tongue, it was a surprise and Jane was not pleased, but now 6 weeks on, she is coming round.

For some people, it is nice to talk to your partner before you get pierced and you never know, your partner may give you positive feedback, whilst for others a surprise may work or in my case determination not to give in.

What every you decide, remember it is YOUR BODY and it is your choice and you live with the consequences. I would like to get my nose pierced again soon adding another hole close to the existing one as I could wear a stud and a ring or two small studs close together. This would look quite cool.

Please feel free to email me about any aspect at [email protected]


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on: 01 July 1999
in Nose Piercing

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