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My bull piercing

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You need to get this piercing.

I first heard of it as the bull piercing and I thought it was kinda gross, but then I found BME and looked at some of the pictures and read some(all) of the experiences and decided it was the right one for me. It was right in the middle on my face, didn't go through cartilage(thank god) and was easy to hide. My parents did not want me to get this. So, of course, I did.

I had been planning for months before my 18th birthday on where I was going to go and what gauge. So on my birthday I went down to Rings of Desire as a walk in and asked them to pierce my septum. I was supposed to call and get an appointment but I was really nervous and was hoping that they wouldn't be able to squeeze me into their schedule. But, they took me on the spot. He made me fill out the little form and all and asked me how long it had been since I had eaten. I said about 4 hours so he gave me something to eat...a Nutragrain bar I think. I told him it wasn't my fault if I threw up on him because I was very nervous. So I ate the bar.

He then asked me if I wanted to hide it and I say Yes, I want a retainer. Made it easy on him. Then he said Standard 14 gauge? I say yup. I think he was surprised that I knew exactly what I wanted.

After all this, he sat me down in the room on the little operating table. I told my friend she could come watch and she jumped into the room. I think she was waiting for me to invite her. He washed his hands and puts on gloves. I didn't quite see everything, because I was nervous. So he takes out this needle with what looked like a huge tip, bigger than 14 gauge. Of course I comment on it and he just said it was gel and that made it look a little bigger than the rest of the needle. Duh, I wasn't thinking. So I calmed down. Til he picked up the iodine which I started yelling about but he said it would only smell bad(the truth). Then he took out the pen and marked my nose and put a line accross the bottom of my nose so I could see how it would hang. I thought it looked okay and he said cool.

Now, the fun part. He took the receiving tube and a little cotton swab and began to seperate my septum? Whatever that meant. I think he was just trying to find the spot he was going to stab. So after he did it I go WAIT! Just one second and he says Now we have to do it all over again. And I felt sheepish. So he did it and then he said Now you're going to feel a little pinch so I put my feet and hands under the table and clamp myself down getting ready for a searig pain but none comes and when I open my eyes, there is a needle through my nose. It so much did not hurt. I could feel a little bit, but I, who cries at the thought of getting a shot, wasn't bothered in the least. So then he said I would feel a pinch when he was putting the jewelry through but I didn't feel that either. So I sit up and look at the mirrored wall across the room and have a goofy smile on my face and two little prongs sticking out of my nose.

Then, the guy(I feel bad about not knowing his name) does the formal stuff about cleaning it and all, which I pretty much knew from reading all the faqs and whatnot here. He asks me if I was going to stretch it(I guess he noticed my 8 gauge ears) and I said at least to 10 gauge. He said that it hurts a lot to stretch septums and the 10 to 8 gauge stretch almost killed him....so I'm thinking maybe only stretching mine to 12. I'm kinda nervous about that. :)

The next day

I show all my friends and some shudder in pain about it when I show them, some expect it from me and some are blown away. I flipped the retainer up and down all day and it didn't hurt too much. I knew it probably wasn't too good for a fresh peircing, but I just had to show it off and my school doesn't allow body peircings.

1 1/2 weeks later

All that flipping down didn't do anything, it's not infected and feels fine unless a stupid friend flicks you in the nose. I give it salt water soaks every day and clean it in the morning and at night and have had no problems with it. No one can tell I have it, which is perfect. I'm looking forward to going to college where I can get a 12 gauge circular barbell to wear in it instead of a retainer. I would recommend this to anyone as a first time, non-ear piercing.. Easy to hide, hardly any pain. I have no regrets.

Malia [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Nose Piercing

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