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i've wanted to get my septm pierced for a while...actually not too long of a while, but a long enough while for me (about 4 months.) i already had numerous other peircings, (11 ear peircings, 1 nostril, 1 tounge, and for about a month a belly peircing.) i've done all of them myself, except for the tounge which i had done at a tatto/peircing parlor called skyline, in Arlington VA. they did a great job and i decided to go back for the septum to be done. i had decided i wanted something a little more visable than a tounge ring. so i went back, with two of my friends, Julia and Courtney to see what could be done with my nose.

The first time i went they didn't check for i.d., which was good,

considering i had just turned 15. The second time they did check and i didn't have i.d., or at least nothing that said i was legaly old enough to get peirced without parental permission (which i wasn't any way.) So i didn't end up getting peirced that day and i decided to do what Julia had done and get peirced at the HFStival, a rock festival in the Washington/baltimore area. Julia has also done her peircings herself, except for the tounge (10 earings, 1 laret done with a tack, 1 tounge, 1 belly, and for about 5 months an eye brow ring) last year (1998) at the HFStival she had decided to get her tounge peirced and like me she decided not to risk doing it herself and ending up in a hospital because she went through the wrong vein. what she did, (because her parents would never actually take her to do this, even if they didn't care once the ring was in)was find a "daddy". she got him to sign all the paper work and she got to get her peircing- no questions asked. so this is what i (and nate, a friend) did. julia and i went out into the "carnival" area and searched for a father. this is probally highly illegal, so don't do it (unless you know for a fact that it is not illegal, and then feel free- but i'm pretty sure there is some law against fake parents) it took 3 trys, but the third guy seemed pretty amused by the whole thing and said sure, why not, i'll do it. we came up with a name, address and all that stuff and went to get it done (nate just gotten his nipple peirced, with some other adult) there were 2 tattoo/peircing stands, grafixx, and i don't remember the name of the other one. the other one was less expensive, but i had heard really good things about grafixx, so we went there. all my "father" had to do was sign, then i just filled out the rest and paid. There was a three hour wait (my opinion is all 75,000 people there decided to get something peirced before me) so julia and i went back and went into the pit for orgy. Three hours later we came back and there was still a half hour wait, so we went back to collect courtney, and lilly (for moral support.) when we were called into the tent my peircer still wasn't done with the girl before me (getting her nipple done) so we all got to watch that...ouch (though it looked really cool, and she didn't look like she was in too much pain.) when she left we walked back, and i sat down. the first thing i noticed was my peircer (i never learned his name) had a retainer in his septum. this reassured me a little. i was insanley nervous, from hearing storties of septum peircings where the cartilige was accidentally peirced. i talked to him about that and he said he had a tool that " pushed" the cartilage out of the way- hearing this did not help. i had also heard bad things about devices used with the needle to peirce the septum. i'm pretty tolerant to pain, i can handle a lot of it, i just absolutly hate anticipating it. so Julia took my hand and allowed me to squeeze as hard as i liked. when the man brought out the device it wasn't so bad- in fact the thing, in my opinion, was genius. it looked like the forceps used with tounge peircings, except that this one, instead of being flat and grippy at the end had two hollow cylinders which, when the forceps were closed, met together to form one straight cylinder, perfect for pushing a needle through. He called another peircer over to see his tool (he made it himself) and then after swabbing my nose full of yellow goo, he had me tilt my head back and put the forcep-thing in my nose-it didn't hurt a bit, like i had heard things of that sort would. he told me to close my eyes, and take two deep breaths and exhale deeply, through my moth while holding very still. (i think by that time i had cut off the circulation in julia's hand.) on the 2nd exhale i felt a sharp, painful prick, which can only be compaired to when you have blood drawn with that gigantic needle. the pain was gone as quickly as it had come. i opened my eyes, saw lilly's death white face and decided to keep my eyes closed. (lilly's not easily shocked, or disgusted, so i had no idea how bad it might be.) the peircer told me i'd feel a tugging sensation as he stid the cbb in. that felt the same as when they put the ring in my tounge, and wasn't that bad. i had oppted for a small ( i think 1/2 inch, 14 gauge) ring that could be easily flipped up into my nose . this was for 2 reasons- 1)i would die 1000 deaths at the hands of my parents if they knew, and 2) i would die another 1000 deaths and be fired at the hands of my boss. the peircer gave me a compact mirror (clinique, i believe) and i got to see it before he showed me how to flip it up- it was so cool!!!!!!! he went over instructions for cleansing, gave me a sheet which had everything written out and then sent me, and my friends on our way.

so anyway, i'm insanly happy with my newest peircing, and so far none

of the adults have found out (though most of my friends have even though i tried to keep everything hush hush. you can not keep a secret in my little group.)

i didn't get to go in the pit any more that night (i didn't want  my

nose getting knocked around) but most of my friends had gotten so worn down (13 hours in 90 deggree weather moshing will tire anyone) that they stayed out with me. so i finally was able to get my nose pwirced, and i'm still loving it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Nose Piercing

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