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A Couple of Septum Piercings

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Well, after some talking, my husband and I decided to get our septums pierced. I have to tell you, I never thought he''d get anything pierced. He complained about mine, but after a while got used to them. One day, he decided he wanted to get his tongue pierced. I laughed at him...I thought he was kidding around. But, as it turned out, he wasn't. He got it done and likes it alot now. So anyways... We had some extra money a couple of weeks ago, and decided to go get it done. On the way, we were talking about who was going to go first. I said I would. He said I'm gonna come in and watch...which I didn't think was such a great idea. I figured if it hurt me, he would chicken out.

So we finally get there. We got pierced by Dean and Painless Ric's. Dean has done my other piercings, and I feel comfortable with him. So we walked in and started looking at jewelery. I was going to get a 16 gauge hoop, the same as my eyebrow, and he was going to get a circular barbell with red beads. The hoop was a lot cheaper, and we only had 100 to spend. The piercing itself was 16 bucks...how can you beat that? Painless Ric's is great. So after looking at the circular barbell, I wanted it too..so I asked Dean if he could do it for100 bucks. He said no at first because it's not his shop, but after asking Ric, he came back and said it was ok.

So off I went into the back room. My husband wanted to come with me, but I wouldn't let him. Looking back, I should have. So I go back and sit in the chair. Dean cleans my nose out with some iodine on a q-tip. Then I had to lean my head back, and he stood behind me,. and tried to find the "sweet spot". Which he did with no trouble at all. He lined up the needle and recieving tube, and asked if I was ready. I said I was, took a deep breath closed my eyes...and I felt a little pressure, but no pain. So I opened my eyes and said..Is it done? He said yes, and I said wow..that didn't hurt at all. He slipped the jewelery in, and I was done. He said he was really surprised that my eyes didn't tear. So that made me feel good. I walked out to get my husband. He looked at me and said how was it? I said it didn't hurt at all, and my eyes didn't even tear. Then I looked around and noticed a bunch of people staring at me. So I turned around and went back into the room. My husband followed me.

So he sits down to get cleaned and lined up, and all of a sudden the guy that was getting a tatoo in the room behind us comes out with the tattoo guy, and a girl. My husband says..great I have an audience...and he did..they didn't leave. So I told him to close his eyes. Dean lined up the needle and the tube and my husband's eyes started tearing already. He pushed the needle though. It's weird watching somebody else get it done..it looks alot more painful than it actually is. So Dean goes to slip the jewelery though, and the threading gets caught. He had to push it through with some force. My husband just sat there, not saying a word. He looked alright to me, but I figured that must have hurt. So, he got up to look at it, and it looked great. Both of them were straight, and we liked them alot.

So a week goes by, and everything is going ok. We've had tickets to go see Gwar for awhile, and went on May 17th. We were right in front and got soaked with the fake blood...it went up my nose, in my mouth. I was completely red by the time it was over. I ran into Dean and he asked how we were doing with the piercings and I said great. We get home after the concert and I went right into the bathroom to clean my nose with bactine. I put the bactine on the q-tip, and when I took the q-tip out it was completely red. I had to do it like 200 times before all the red came out of my nose. My fingernails are still pink. Even after all that, both of our septum peircings are healing great. We love em, and I have to say, it was the most painless percing I've gotten yet. Happy Piercing all..any questions? email us at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Nose Piercing

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