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My septum experience @ Inferno

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Well, to start off I have wanted to get my septum done for a while but the only stopping me was all of the letter and submission I had read on BME or other site of people saying the unbearable pain that they went through. But one day I said the hell with it.

The piercing itch got a hold of me, as my girlfriend had gotten her belly button and tongue done a week ago, right before we decided to go on vacation in Philly, so right off the bat i wanted something pierced cause i was envious of her getting two in one night i knew i had to get something done. as i was walking down south street in Philly glancing at all of the tattoo shops and piercing shops it hit me what i wanted to get done, my septum i had wanted to get it done for years, such a tribalistic piercing so raw. Looking at the shops it was so many choices so I walked into a few to check out the place for cleanliness and get some info on the piercers and the equipment, the place that I found that impressed me the most was a place called Inferno on south street. I went in and talked to the lady behind the counter about some info and said I wanted to get it done. Then she took my ID and made copy of it on the back of the ever so popular "you can't hold us responsible form." So I filled out that and picked out my jewelry, I picked out a 14 g retainer due to the fact that I work at a GNC health food store and I am walking a thin line with my Labret cause my manager is my best friend. So I decided that my best bet for now is a retainer. Then the lady behind the counter told me and my girlfriend to go sit on a bench near one of the piercing rooms. She told us that Jamie the piercer was getting some coffee and he would be back in a min. so we sat there waiting he showed up with his cup in his hand and escorted us into the room asked me to sit down on a table/chair thing the kind that are at the doctors. I was quite impressed because this place looked like my doctors office, there was a sink glass bottles with equipment mirrors down to the infamous cotton swabs in the glass bottle. So I sat down and we talked about some stuff he started to wash his hands with the famous dial antibacterial soap and he told me to lay back so he could check me out, he put on his first pair of gloves and went to work looking at my nose and poking around cleaning. He told me he was going to use the blunt end of the needle to find my "sweet spot," he found it and marked it. He told me that septum piercings don't use clamps due to confined area and that he would use a receiving tube. After he marked it he changed his gloves again and cleaned it up again and took out the needle and got the rest of the cleaning stuff ready, after that he changed his gloves again. He poked at my septum a few more times then asked if i was ready and had any questions before e he began i said no so he said OK here we go he told me to take a deep breath in, let it out take one in and hold it, as i held i he pushed it through, instead of unbearable pain it was just the second of warm sensation and it was over and the Warm feeling of tears running down my cheeks and right when he was all the way through my eyes stopped watering. He changed his gloves as I had the needle through my septum and began to insert the retainer by feeding it into the needle and sliding it through. A few drops of blood flowed and he stuck some cotton gauze up my nose and told me it had to stay there for 6 weeks and chuckled, I smiled and he said it wasn't something to joke about and he took the gauze out and my nose was fine. He showed me how to flip up the retainer and how to clean it, he gave me an instruction booklet on cleaning and maintenance, and again asked if I had any question, I said no so I left I thanked him and shook his hand and I left a happy customer, and my girlfriend was happy too.

Now that it have been about two weeks since I got it done and it doing well I am cleaning it twice a day with dial and bactine and it is looking and feeling good. Except last night were I made a big mistake and went to a Fear Factory concert and was in the pit and got jacked in the nose, it started to bleed and hurt more than getting it pierced. So I went to the bathroom and cleaned it.

Thank god it did not get really messed up cause it is feeling OK today a little sore but other than that doing good. Cant wait until I can put a circular barbell in it in about 7 weeks, but I still have to wear the retainer at work oh well.

But overall I am extremely happy with my new piercing.

Jarrett [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nose Piercing

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