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um, excuse me sir.. i think my nose is about to fall off..

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i'd been wanting to get my nose pierced for some time now. i got my tongue done when i was about 18. i decided that waiting a year to get another piercing done would be easier on my parental figures.

so one day, after begging my mom to get my nose done, i got up the guts to get my nostril pierced. i had a friend with me for support. i was scared poopyless! i was afraid that the needle would go straight through my nose out the other side or something. so, the first place i went to was the place that i got my tongue done at. i felt pretty good about going there since they had done such a good job on my tongue and all. i told them that i wanted to get a stud screw so that i could still go to work and not be fired for having a huge hoop (a.k.a. the malicious silver booger) coming out of my nose. well, they wouldn't do it. in fact, one of the guys there suggested that i do it myself with an ear piercing kit. um, no?! hmm.. next time i want something pierced, i'll remember NOT to go there.. so much for first impressions, huh?

so i went to another place right next door to the first and the people there refused to put in a stud screw on the intital piercing. at this point i was about to say forget it, i don't want it done, but i had begged so much that it would have been pretty embarrassing to go home and not have it done.. yeah, i know.. i'm stubborn..

soooo, i go to another place across town. i told the guy there what i wanted and he said that he didn't like using stud screws on the first piercing but would do it anyway to please me.. big mistake!!!!!

i hop into the chair and try to keep myself from shaking because i was so nervous and just wanted to get it over with. the guy showed me the needle and what the stud screw looked like. then he put on some gloves and felt around my nose, which is not the most thrilling experience that i've had i must say.

he marked the spot and after some debate as to weither or not it would look right in that spot, he told me to take a deep breath, put this metal rod type thing in my nose to catch the needle with, and stuck me. that didn't hurt at all. trying to put the stud screw in did! ouchy!!!!!!!!! i started cussing and gritting my teeth and the screw wasn't even halfway through my nostril! well, this wasn't going to work so he took the screw out and pierced it again. i swear it felt like he was piercing through cartilage in the middle o my nose and it started bleeding and my friend looked like she was about to faint.

so the guy laid me down in the chair and stuck a flashlight up my nose to make sure that he wasn't sticking a hole through anything that he wasn't supposed to be, since i was protesting so much. of course, he wasn't. i was like "ok! ok! i give up!!! give me a hoop! i don't care anymore!!!" the guy kept saying to me "see, now THIS is why i don't like to use stud screws on the first piercing." i think i'll be taking his advise next time i get a piercing done!!!

by this time, i think it was the owner guy, came in. he looked at my poor little nostril, took the needle out and pierced it again. (note: this makes the third time my nostril got pierced). the needle went through painfully but quickly and the hoop was in. thank the gods!!!!! the people there were nice enough to only charge me half price since my nostril was uncooperative. i paid them full price though. i felt bad because they used 2 pieces of jewlery and took so much time with me, so i didn't mind.

:) the only thing that kinda of bothered me was that they didn't give me any kind of cleaning stuff much less tell me WHAT to clean it with. i was thinking of using neosporin but decided against it. luckly, i had the help of bme to tell me what i should and shouldn't be using on it. i used bacitine until i could get ahold of some bactene. (not sure what the real difference in either is though except for one being a gel/cream and the other being this liquid stuff).

i had my hoop in for about a week and then had to put in an earring for work, which i know is a huge no-no during the healing time. i've had my nostril done for about a month now.

i haven't had any problems with it except the usual waking up in the middle of the night because my blankets hit my hoop. ouchy... i put my hoop in as much as possible because i work alot hence having to wear my earring alot. oh, well.. my nose hasn't fallen off.. yet..



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nose Piercing

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