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Susan's Nose Piercing

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For about 2 years...actually, ever since I first got on line and saw BME, I have been wanting to be pierced. My husband at the time was not crazy about the idea, even though I had convinced him to get both ears pierced and he liked that. I spent more and more time on line, looking at pictures of piercings, tattoos, all sorts of body modification. Not only did it interest me, it turned me on. I decided a year ago, on Valentine's Day, that it was time to take action. I was due to turn 30 in May and wanted to have this done before I entered my thirties. I had been wanting my nose pierced for ages, so that was the plan. Again, my husband was not happy about it - but what could he do? And, being as I was so close to 30 - my dad couldn't complain, either! LOL I researched the piercing/tattoo parlors in my town (Clearwater, FL) and decided that Monique's Body Essentials was the ideal place for me. They were great on the phone, answered my questions, assuaged my fears (although, I was not really a bit nervous).

The only thing I was worried about was my workplace. I KNEW that hey would never let me wear a nose ring/stud to work. I was a receptionist at a mortgage company. But it was now or never. I went to Monique's and they took me back to the chair, my husband in tow. The piercer took much time consulting with me on the selection of the jewelry, the procedure, step by step and the placement of the piercing. The piercing room was impeccably clean. All the while, my husband stood nervously in the corner, watching in silence. Finally, we were ready. The piercer marked the spot to be pierced, cleansed my nose well with antiseptic, put on fresh gloves and brought out sterilized, individually wrapped instruments. He placed a stainless steel tube in my nose (rather uncomfortable to have someone sticking things up one's nose!), told me to take a deep breath and exhale it only when he said so...So I inhaled...held my breath...and he stuck me! As he penetrated my skin with the needle, he told me to quickly exhale...which I did, along with a pseudo-yell. L Tears were running down my face involuntarily, not from pain, but it's like when you yank a nose hair. L No control. I must admit...having my ears pierced with a piercing gun years ago hurt FAR worse than this had. I saw my husband standing in the corner, face white, knowing that he was regretting coming back with me. The piercer gently slid the CBR into the hole, as he withdrew the needle...causing some discomfort as he closed the ring onto the bead. He handed me a mirror...I was pierced! It looked awesome =)

So I had Saturday night, all day Sunday and Sunday night to get used to it, till I had to face the office on Monday morning. Needless to say, I caused quite a buzz. I was, of course, called into my supervisor's office and informed that I could not have the piercing. I showed her that it was mentioned nowhere in the dress code. Which she accepted and asked that I wear a smaller, more discreet stud to the office. I called up Monique's and they helped me to find a tiny silver stud that I could wear during the day, but had to re-insert the larger gauge ring at night. This caused for some delays in healing, but I kept it clean and it began to heal nicely. After two weeks, I was called back into the office - the piercing was a no go. Apparently, it was causing "too much distraction". So I was forced to wear the ring only at night and on the weekends. Which was fine by me, I wanted it for social reasons. It took about 3 months for my piercing to heal fully, due to the amount of time I had to spend without the ring in place. I love the looks that I get when I wear jewelry in my nose. Most of them are admiring! It's been a little over a year since I had that piercing done and although my husband and I split (after nearly 13 years of good times - it was time for the both of us to move on), my piercing remains and I have had another piercing done - which I will write about soon - and plans for more piercings and a tattoo. I must say, BME has been not only a great influence, but a great help in my pursuits. Thank you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nose Piercing

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