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Septum, Tongue, Labret


it was sometime in the Spring of '94. i met this cat named Noel(New Age Body Piercing-Miami,FL) that was doing body piercing in the area and he and my tattoo artist Joe (Silhouette Studios-Miami,FL)knew each other. he was working out of Lou's Tattoo's at the time. i walked in one day and we started talking about getting pierced. he suggested i do my septum with a 12ga CBB. after some 'first time' questions i was sitting in a dentist-like chair as i observed his preparation. he took some iodine and clean the inside of my nose. he then placed a receiver tube on one side and held the needle to the other. he told me to take a deep breath. on the exhale, he pushed through. NO PAIN! he then placed the CBB to the needle and pushed it through. placed the ball on and said "that's it". i looked in the mirror and was really pleased with my new e.g. septum. the healing took about 3-4 weeks and was very similar to an ear pierce. i ended up letting it close in '96 because i lost the CBR i had in it on the road.



i had my tongue done by Noel(New Age Body Piercing- Miami,FL) in the Fall of '94. he had done my 12ga septum a few months earlier. he told me that e.g. would also be a good size for a tongue. i agreed. he looked at my tongue and picked out a long enough barbell for the initial swelling. he gave me some listerine and sold me to swish it. then he gave me some peroxide and told me to do the same. he then marked my tongue. he then took some forceps and clamped my tongue. OUCH! he then pushed the needle through from bottom to top. NO PAIN. i had to hold my tongue out while he released the forceps and got the barbell. pushed the jewelry through and placed the ball on. "done". he then told me to rinse out my mouth. i noticed some blood, but it wasn't anything major. he then told me to buy a mouth cleaner called 'Glycoside' if my memory still works. the healing took about a week. the second and third days were the worst. i had some trouble with talking and eating but nothing i couldn't deal with. about 4 months later i was eating 'Cap't Crunch' one late evening and realized i had lost the top ball on the barbell in my tongue. it was pretty late and had no idea what to do. i was lucky enough to get a hold of my piercer that evening and he had me go to his house where he had some jewelry. he told me that it would be a good idea to go ahead and stretch it to 8ga and shorten the barbell. i agreed. it was a bit heavy at first but i adjusted. after i had let my septum close in '96 about a month later i removed the tongue also.



in the Fall of '97 i decided i needed to get poked again after having my septum and tongue close a year earlier. i always wanted a labret done after i had my septum done some years back but never got around to it. i went down to the local tattoo shop in town. Kevin(Valhala Tattoo-Decorah,IA & Lansing, MN) was the owner and also did piercing. i asked him if he would pierce my labret with a e.g. 1/2" CBR. i figured this would be easier than a labret stud to keep clean. he told me that he would have no problem with that. he gave me some peroxide and sold me to rinse out my mouth. YUK! i then sat in the dentist-like chair as he looked at my lip for placement. he then took forceps and clamped my lip. with a cork on the outside he pushed the needle through the inside of my lip. NO PAIN. he then placed the CBR in place and told me to rinse out my mouth. the healing went well with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. i stretched it to 8ga. 3 months later. it was somewhat painful but nothing bad. then in the Summer of '98 i went up to 6ga and had a hand blown pyrex labret plug in it until about 3 months ago when while playing with it in my mouth the plug fell out and broke. i used a 6ga eyelet for a while but it didn't feel right. i found a 2ga amber saddle plug a week ago and decided i would do a final stretching to 2ga. it was a bit tight to stretch. maybe the fact that my labret is really close to my lip...but was finally able to squeeze the plug in. it looks really tribal and i like it!




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nose Piercing

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