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Stretch and stretch and stretch....

h1>Stretch and stretch and stretch....

As with most piercings I get, there was a particular piece of jewelry that I wanted to wear in my septum once I'd had it done. The piece in question was a horseshoe-ring, 2.4mm thick and 10mm in diameter, and I thought it looked way cool. But my septum was started at 2.0mm, so once it was healed I knew I had to stretch.

Going from 2.0mm to 2.4mm wasn't any trouble at all. I simply oiled the ring up with vaseline and pushed it in. There was hardly any resistance at all. After stretching it was a little sore for about two days, but it wasn't that bad.

I was very happy with my 2.4mm ring for several months. Then one day I saw a picture in a tattoo-magazine of a guy wearing a really heavy ring, at least 5mm, through his septum. I thought it looked really awesome and I immediately felt the urge to stretch my own septum further. But I didn't start right away, I left the idea to grow in my head for some time.

I had for some time experienced some difficulties with my horseshoe-ring. The thread had somehow been damaged and the ball would fall of from time to time. One night I actually lost the ball while having sex (nevermind where it went!). The following morning I was really pissed off with my horseshoe-ring , first it had been coming unscrewed about a hundred times and now the ball had gone lost! I decided this was the time to abandon the 2.4mm-stage and stretch further.

At the time I had no money for new jewelry, so I decided to stretch using multiple pieces of old jewelry. So I took two 2.0mm x 12mm BCR's that I had previously worn in my ears and took out the old vaseline-tube. After inserting one of the rings in the slightly larger hole, I oiled up the other one and jabbed it into the small space left inside my nose. First it wouldn't go in, but I didn't give up. It hurt like hell, but finally it went through. Once again I was sore for a couple of days, but besides that there was no trouble at all, and after a week or so I'd gathered the money to buy me a new ring. The newly purchased 3.2mm-ring went in without much trouble and I was content, for the moment that is...

I had worn my 3.2mm-ring for several months when one day I was hanging out at the local piercing-studio. I was talking about stretching with one of the employees and when I mentioned my septum-stretching experience he showed me his septum-hole, which was stretched up to 6mm. He wore a fleshtube in it, so it was virtually invisible, but the size really blew me away. I wanted more! So once again I was going to go to work on my septum.

At first I didn't really know how far I wanted to go, but then I figured 5mm was a good size because of the jewelry-options at this gauge. So 5mm would be my destination.

Then one night not long after this I came home after some heavy drinking and stupidly decided to stretch my septum some. Without any lube or anything I simply forced a 1.6mm BCR into my nose next to the 3.2mm-ring. It probably hurt like hell but I was too drunk to care.

The next morning I awoke with a really soar septum and I could almost not remember what I'd done the previous night. But when I saw my own handywork it came back to me. Luckily, besides the soreness, there was no problems. I decided to cut down on the drinking a bit though and buy myself some 4mm-gauge jewelry for my nose.

Some days later, after my septum had settled and wasn't sore anymore, I bought me an acrylic fleshtube and I already had a 4mm tapered insertionpin, so I was set. Once again I broke out the vaseline and I oiled up the insertionpin. This time around I didn't think it would hurt that bad because of the previous stretching session and I was right. The pin just slidd through with a slight tickle and the tube was in place. Because I was afraid I might have damaged the piercing some during my drunken stretching-session, I decided to let it be for some time.

After a couple of weeks I felt I was ready for the next stage and what I thought would be my final septum-stretching-the mighty 5mm. This time around I would once again resort to the method of using multiple jewelry, mostly because I had a lot of spare jewelry lying around. My thought was to insert as many rings as I could until the pain was almost unbearable. After lubing up and painfully inserting several pieces I found myself with a very sore septum-hole containing one 3.2mm-ring, one 2.4mm-ring and one 2.0mm-ring. This had to do, I thought, and, as I was about to find out, it did.

With a veritable stainless steel-junkyard in my nose I went and bought me a 5mm thick horseshoe-ring and a 5mm keeper. The keeper easily slid into the hole once all the other pieces were removed and I was one happy "holey-man".

I told myself this was it, I wouldn't stretch my septum further than 5mm. How wrong I was.

About eight months went by and I proudly wore my 5mm-jewelry everyday. When I first had my septum pierced I was very inspired by pictures of african tribesmen wearing tusks through their noses and in the time that's passed since I've gotten more and more into that whole tribal-thing, reading about people like the masai and incorporating their look into the look I already have, wearing necklaces with wooden-beads, stretching my ears to great size, getting myself a stainless steel septum-tusk and so on. I'd also started using the internet frequently and on the net I'd found a site that offered custom jewelry made from organic materials as well as actual authentic tribal jewelry, www.spiritone.com/~organic. I purchased a pair of bamboo-plugs for my stretched lobes from this site, which I still wear and love. Then one day I was checking this site out to see what was new and there it was, the piece of jewelry I'd dreamed about for months! It was a septum-tusk made from bone and, let me tell you, it was love at first sight! I immediately e-mailed to see if this piece was available in 5mm-gauge. Deep down I knew that even if it wasn't I had to have it. I would simply just have to stretch some more, and that actually turn out to be the case.

The septum-tusk I wanted was 6mm thick and I decided to go for it. I had to, this was true love. So I sent away for the tusk and decided that I'd stretch the hole at once so that it was finished when my tusk arrived. I bought myself a 6mm acrylic fleshtunnel and went to work the next morning. I first placed a 2mm-ring in the hole and then oiled up my 5mm-steeltusk and pushed it in behind the ring. It wasn't very painfull because the tusk was carefully lubed with vaseline. I wore this the entire day and then that same evening I lubed up the acrylic fleshtunnel and, after withdrawing the tusk and ring, slipped it into place. This actually hurt a bit because of the sharp edges of the fleshtunnel, but atleast I had reached my goal. During the next few days my septum was quite sore,but that's all the trouble I experienced.

Now my septum is stretched as big as I want it and the tusk has arrived as well. It looks great and I'm definitely one happy modern primitive!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Nose Piercing

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