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septum experience

  I have

read every article on BME, seen every picture, and wanted a septum piercing since I started reading...

I used to not like it at all... but i met someone who had one that i love very much and i began to love it in turn...

So, being the insane one I am, I must puncture myself. I don't like the idea of being totally vulnerable to someone with pokey needles. I only have my ears pierced, so I was freaked out about the pain it would cause, but pleased with the idea of the finished product.

I ordered a 16 ga. needle, but mistakenly was sent a 14 gauge needle, and a 16 ga. black septum retainer.

I knew I would never be able to do it, but hell, it doesn't hurt to have the stuff just in case.

I was fooling around in front of the mirror, wondering how much it would hurt, kinda poking my septum- and it was pinchy. so i decided not to. Next thing I know, the needle is half way through my nose. Holy Shit!

I pushed it on through. It's over now and my nose is feeling something- on both sides! It didn't hurt!! It wasn't this terribly excruciating pain that I was expecting. Plus, I wanted it done professionally, but I would have to get mom's permission, and she just hates septum piercings.

Next thing, I put the end of the retainer in the needle, and kept sliding until it was in. I thought going over the bend in the retainer would hurt. Nope. It didn't feel any different.

Wow, i had a retainer in my nose. Such a wonderful, empowering feeling.

The reason I wanted a septum piercing, is because of it's history. I decided on a retainer for the obvious reason, my mother.

There is no way you can see it unless you are directly under my nose, peering into it.

It really started hurting about an hour afterwards. The best thing to do is to make friends with a bottle of Bactine, and cold air.

I laid down in a warm room, and my nose got extremely swollen. Don't do this, it hurts like a bitch.

Squirt Bactine into each nostril, and be careful not to get it in your mouth, it'll numb everything. It tends to numb for about an hour and a half, noticably.

Don't flip it up and down without getting it wet with bactine or warm water, because it'll feel like it's ripping out. If you wet it, there is no problem and then it won't hurt at all.

At first, it's a bit hard flipping it because of the tenderness of your nose.

I took a shower, and i never realised how much an important body part a septum really is. Try counting the times you hit your nose in the shower. Thank God I was paying attention.

I just pierced it 5 hours ago, and I'm in love. I'm assuming that if I use enough bactine, it won't hurt too bad, and i'm excited to buy some nice spikes, and a circular barbell.

email me if you'd like ~brittany [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Nose Piercing

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