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The many hidden accessories of Mr. Gillotti

I am a senior in high school for the 1998-99 school year, and have always

been interested in body piercing. When i was only a young-un, my mother granted me that all powerful consent to pierce my ear. Oh what a sensation. Of course, as we all know, ear piercing is only an avenue towards the more extreme; it only serves as a teaser for further decorations. In the following years, i proceeded to have my cartiledge pierced and my other ear as well. Soon, i entered the ultimate experience we like to call high school. Here i was exposed to all forms of body decoration, and this only made me crave more.

By now, i was playing with the big boys so to say.  Ears just wouldn't cut it

anymore. I wanted desperately to pierce my tongue, but remember i was minor, and therefore held no direct power over my own life. Fortunately for me, i have two of the most reasonable parents in the world. Although they did not like the idea of a tongue ring, they were willing to accept that i wanted one, and would therefore allow me to have it, but not help out by giving consent. (they really thought they were fixing the problem because i couldn't get a piercing without consent, while at the same time, they seemed fair and just) However, i was already making it in with a whole new crowd of people, who knew people, who knew people, and one of those people happened to be a body piercer. I was on the road to success. So my sophomore year marked the year of the tongue ring. I enjoyed this piercing immensly, mainly because it was something that i wanted, but isn't easily visible, so did not bother my parents, grandparents, boss, etc.

This year was not only the year for the tongue ring, but an insatiable

craving for a tatoo. This body art posed a whole new problem because not only was it more difficult to find a willing artist, but more expensive to boot. I would not let this minor setback stop me, so after some hasty research, i discovered a home tattoo method which i do not really condone, but am nonetheless pleased with the result i obtained. This method involved india ink, a needle, and some nylong thread. Not only was it painful, and very time consuming, but it also was sore for some time, but the end result has appeased my desires, and i am pleased with the monkey from "barrel of monkeys" that i tattooed on my thigh. This location was chosen because, of course, i am a minor, and in so being, my parents would have given me the boot had they known, or find out today. It is hidden from my parents, grandparents, boss, etc.

My junior year, i  experienced a desire for another decoration.  This was a

want for a septum piercing. I don't know the reasons for my desires but they are very definite, and not just an urge for "some" piercing. I returned to the body piercer that i had already been pleased with the results from and received the piercing of my life. The septum piercing was unlike any before. All i can say is PAIN. The tongue and ears had been mere pricks, but this was an all encompassing, tear wrenching pain. The gratification afterwards made it all worth it. Probably the main draw to this particular piercing was that i could get it done with a septum retainer, which for those of you who don't know, is a "U" shaped piece of jewelry that, once inserted in your septum, flips up into your nostrils, where it is completely undetectable. undetectable to my parents, grandparents, boss, etc. (notice a pattern)

Since that time i have changed many of my jewelry pieces.  I stretched an ear

to a 6 gauge, and got a slave ring for my tongue, but have always managed to keep it all hidden. The body decoration has kept my appetite for piercing and tatooing satisfied. although i sometimes regret the means by which i went about getting my decorations, i never for a moment have regretted the actual act. I love each of them and reccommend it to anyone curious.

[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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