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A conservative nostril gets violated

onservative nostril gets violated

A conservative nostril gets violated

Back in 1985, when I was going through my "rebellious" stage (tattoo, 6 piercings in one ear, 3 in the other), I stopped short at getting my nostril pierced..even though it was a something I really wanted to do. I was afraid that if I did it I would be ensuring poverty for the rest of my life, as no employer would think I had enough of a "professional image". So I continued with college, barber school, marriage, one daughter, a management position in a retail job, and then finally I landed the perfect job...as manager of the family ranch. I gave it a year and a half, earned people's respect by noticeably turning the ranch around, and then..I made my move! I guess I finally figured that the cows could care less if I was 'holey' or not, and I wanted to do something DIFFERENT! My husband was very supportive, and I decided tht it was time to take the plunge!!!

Now here's where I did make a slight mistake. There are two places in the town I live in where one can be pierced. One was highly recommended by my friends, the other no one seemed to know much about. so I called the first place, and got a machine. I left a message, and called the other. They answered the phone. So I made an appointment, got two supportive friends to go with me, and went.

The place was a dump! People were smoking all around; there was an autoclave, but who knew if it worked? I picked out a nostril screw, and got ready. The "piercer" put it in a cup of alcohol, and said it had to sit there for 30 minutes. So I sat on a bench and waited. When the time was up, I was put on a weight bench, and told to lean back. I think I confused the "piercer" when I asked to have my right nostril done, she really seemed set on doing my left side. Once we got that straightened out, she inserted the needle. OUCH!!, and I bled LIKE A STUCK PIG, I mean EVERYWHERE!!!! I was completely freaked out!! Then it took FOREVER for her to get the nostril screw inserted..I don't think she'd ever done a right nostril before, because she had a horrible time getting it in - I had to twist it in once she had given up! But then..I looked in the mirror, and it was THE COOLEST!!

Once I got home, I drenched my nose in betidine and glyoxide. Ugly, but effective. I got a minor infection, but I was fortunate enough to get the flu at the same time, so I had all kinds of antibiotics. Now, it's 4 months later, and I'm totally healed.

So, let me tell you about the fall-out.

My mom, who is also my boss and VERY conservative, took it really well. As it was winter, she asked if it got cold having a chunk of metal in my nose. Then she said it looked kinda cool on me. Thanks Mom!!

Our daughter went through a trying period with the kids at school (she's in 1st grade at a private christian school), they all asked her about it, and it made her feel weird, but now my nose is old news.

My foreman at the ranch probably had the hardest time getting used to it: I got the standard "What did you do to yourself???!!" speech, and then I got "Can you take it out when we're dealing with certain people?" But he has finally got to where he doesn't aim his eyes at my nose everytime he looks at me, and he's gotten used to the fact that it doesn't come out..for anyone. We recently attended a huge cattle raiser's convention. I made the comment to him that no one even looked twice. He says,"The HELL THEY DIDN'T!!!" HAHAHA!

Which brings me to the people I have to deal with on a daily basis, people who are part of the very conservative ranching community. Overall, the ones I figured would have some kind of smart-ass remark, have actually suprised me with shy grins and remarks like,"Hey, I found where your missing earring got to."

"Hmmmm, you don't say....", I reply. It's usually great fun.(You have to realize, these are OLD-timey ranchers, usually in their 60's!)

Then there are the friends that I thought would accept me no matter what. Most all were curious about it, and supportive. However,a few of them have had the hardest time with it. WHY? It's not their face, or their identity, it's MINE! I guess that those are the people who REALLY do care about appearances. I say "Screw 'em!" Now I'm wondering what to pierce next - my husbands pushing for NIPPLES! >:p

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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