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My Septum and Ear Piercing Experience

My Septum and Ear Piercing Experience

From a very young age I have always been interested in body art, I
always loved looking at people who had piercings or tattoos and wish
so much that I could do that. Originally I had hoped and intended to
get by tongue pierced, but do to several complications, namely my
tongue web being too far forward, and my mother's stubbornness (I'm
17). So I opted to get my ears and septum pierced, I had always liked
the look of a pierced septum and think that stretched ears are
totally fuckin' awesome, I had been considering a labret or bridge
piercing, but my school doesn't allow for visible facial piercings.

So today, at long last, my mother agreed to go to Golden Body Rings
in Seattle, to put all of her worries about sanitation and procedure
to rest. I had heard excellent things about this studio and I was not
disappointed. When I got there Kurtis, the head piercer, and owner
answered all of my mom's questions and began to talk with me about
what I wanted done.

I told Kurtis that I wanted my lobes and septum pierced, he and I
began to talk about appropriate jewelry, I asked how large my lobes
could be pierced, he said that 12ga is about as large as I would want
to go during the healing, I chose a 12ga CBR  and we moved on. He began
to take a 14ga septum retainer out of the case and I asked if it had
to be pierced at 14ga, he promptly asked me what gauge I would like
it pierced at, I asked if a 10ga was possible he said no problem, I
decided on a 10ga circular barbell for ease of concealment. As it was
nearing lunch time we set an appointment for 1:30.

After a nice lunch I made my way back to the studio, doing what mental
preparation I could. Before I knew it I was at the door and Kurtis
greeted me with a smile,  and after signing the waivers and a brief
overview of the aftercare we went back to the piercing room. He asked
me what I wanted to do first and I said the ears. I climbed up on the
up on to the table and he and I talked about my summer in New York
while he proceeded to mark them, he did note that the tragus area on
my right ear was more pronounced than on my left, so he remarked and
asked if I liked the placement, I said yes and we went ahead. No real
pain it did sting a bit when the jewelry went in and there was a
slight pressure afterwards.

Now on to the septum he had me lie down and he proceeded to shove
cotton swabs with iodine up my nose then swabs with alcohol then dry
then some more with iodine then antibiotic ointment I think. Most of
this stuff wasn't bad at all, but the alcohol swabs smelled fuckin
terrible. It was it this time I noticed the small embossed picture
of a Mayan sun god on the ceiling, this helped distract me a little
bit. He began to mark, show me the receiving tube and tell me to just
breathe deep. I began to breathe 1, 2, 3, 4.... then the needle went
in and through. At first when I saw the size of the needle I thought
oh shit this is gonna hurt, but then when I felt the needle go through
it wasn't bad at all, it just made my eyes water a little bit. I laid
there thinking oh fuck there's something on both sides of my septum,
this is totally fuckin awesome. In a few seconds he threaded the
jewelry through and it didn't hurt at all, he screwed the ball on,
widened the gap so I could flip it up and then I sat up and was amazed,
damn this is so cool.

So here I am several hours after with three new holes that weren't
there when I got up this morning. I can't wait till they've healed
and I can stretch em. I've never thought of myself as one who liked
pain, but after this experience I realized that I really like it and
I think, I'm gonna have to get more pierces very soon. As stuff down
the line, once school is done I wanna get a labret, but sooner
probably nipples, if I can get my tongue web cut, I want get my tongue
pierced so bad, some more ear stuff and eventually someting like an


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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