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My Nose's Encounter With a Needle

Nose's Encounter With a Needle

My Nose's Encounter With a Needle

I had seen so many people with a nose ring as a kid, and I thought it was so gross, but after a while I decided I wanted one. Not badly, but I thought it would be a novelty, something different. Over the course of a few years, I thought it over, and the urge to get my nose pierced got stronger, until I started to beg my mother to allow me to get one. [Hey, I'm a minor, okay? :) ] She didn't like the idea, even though my aunt had gotten her nostril done a few years before this. Finally, a week or so before my birthday, she gave in on the condition that she could get her nipple pierced! I knew that she would never do that anyways, but since that meant I could go ahead and get my nose done, I said I didn't mind in the least. So, that day, I got some friends together, and went 'shopping'. Turns out that the place I was going to [Primal Art, in Winnipeg, Manitoba] didn't have anything free that day, but I could make an appointment the day before my birthday. I was excited, and I really, REALLY wanted it that day, but I couldn't get it, so I waited until I could. The appointment rolled around, and I was excited, but not nervous. My mother came with me [Damn laws make your parents follow you around to give consignment] to sign the forms and all the legal jargon type stuff, and it was set. I was called into the room, and I looked around, and saw what I liked. Upbeat atmosphere, but not in the least dirty, clean instuments, autoclave, box of latex gloves, etc. The piercer had a pretty impressive display of bodyart himself. Stretched earlobes with flesh tunnels, labret piercing, tongue piercing, and all the facial piercings you could possibly get. He told me what was going on, how he was going to preform the piercing, and all of the materials he was going to use. I was impressed at all the trouble he was going through just to reassure me, but not that I needed it! I was impatient, but I listened, because I was interested, even though I knew what exactly he was going to do. He cleaned the area, and marked the place where the piercing was going to go. Then, he slid the ring on to show me what it was going to look like, and I was satisfied, but he also offered me a bigger ring [not gauge], but I insisted on the smaller one. Now I was starting to get nervous, because he stuck the recieving cork up my nostril, and I knew he was going to start. I'm still telling people about the famous [with my friends, anyway] 'cork up my nose'! :) He poked around a bit with the needle just testing, I suppose, and I'm thinking that this isn't gonna hurt a bit. All of a sudden, OUCH! I wasn't THAT bothered by it, but I felt it exiting the membrane inside my nostril and going through the cork. My eyes teared a bit, and he gave me a kleenex to wipe my eyes with. He split the cork in half, and then I wasn't sure what exactly was going on. He told me the ring was going to go in now, but it didn't feel any different from before. It just felt like a cold chunk of metal in my nose. Then, it was done. He put the cute little bead on, and gave me aftercare instructions, a vial of Betadine, a really neat pamphlet on care, and gave me his card, and told me to call him if I was having any trouble whatsoever with the piercing. I hopped off the chair, and waved a farewell to them. I was beaming. If the sun wasn't out, it wouldn't of mattered, I would of been the main source of illumination for the city. My mom didn't watch the piercing ["I can't watch my baby being hurt"] but she did prod me for what it felt like. I couldn't describe it, because it's not pain exactly, it just feels like a 'needle going through your nose'. She didn't like that answer, she wanted to know if it hurt. Eventually, after telling her multiple times that it just felt like a needle going through your nose, I told her, yes, it did hurt, are you satisfied now? :) Now, 4 weeks later, I want more piercings! Looks like Primal's gonna get a good chunk of money from me in the near future! :)


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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