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Septum @ Pleasurable Piercings

tum @ Pleasurable Piercings

Hello everyone. My name is Christian and this is my story.

Well, after looking through BME's resources on piercing, I felt it was about time to relate my own experiences to the world. So far, I am up to 8 piercings, the most recent of which is a 14 ga septum. It was done by Bill Krebs at Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, New Jersey, a place that I highly recommend if you live in the area. (I've had all of my piercings done there and never had a problem once.) Anyway, back to my septum.

I had originally decided on a 12 ga black niobium retainer, but after seeing the retainer in front of me, I thought it might be a little too large for my taste. So, I changed it to a 14 ga. When I got to the store, I realized it would be quite a wait (Pleasurable doesn't take appointments) so I filled out the standard "I won't sue if I die" form, chose the jewelery, paid, and listened to the speech on how to clean my new piercing. This all took about 5 minutes, and I figured it would be about half an hour until my turn would come up, so I stepped outside for a cigarette. While I was outside, the only thing that was going through my mind was the adrenaline rush I was about to get, which I absolutely LOVE.

So, after psyching myself up for about 10 minutes, I went back inside and took a seat on the couch. I started flipping through some magazines and after about 15 miinutes, my name was called. I walked in to see all of the supplies laid out on a nice little shiny steel table, but still in their sterile packaging. Bill introduced himself and we went through two or three minutes of conversation as he was opening everything up and getiing ready for the procedure. He swabbed the inside of my nostrils with an iodine pad and explained that he doesn't mark septums, everything is done freehand. I trusted him and agreed. He asked whether I wanted it closer to the tip or further back in my nose and I said I wanted it closer to the tip. Bill picked up the needle and aligned it with where I had told him I wanted it to go. In the middle of saying something that I wasn't really paying attention to, I saw the needle coming very close to my face and before I know it, he began pushing the needle through. I felt a good pop and then felt the needle on the other side of my septum. Immediately my eyes began to tear. It was definately the sharpest pain I had ever gotten from a piercing, not that the pain was that bad, it was just a really sharp shot and the pain immediately disappeared. I felt Bill slip the retainer through as he pulled the needle through, and he then stepped back and complemented himself on his work. I stood up and walked over to the mirror and loved what I saw. Immediately I pictured a circular barbell in there and was even happier. Bill gave me a quick speech on how to clean it again, saying that I had to flip the retainer down to properly clean it. I thanked him and walked out with my brand new septum piercing and a BIG smile on my face.

As of right now, it has been one week since I had it done and have had no problems whatsoever. Cleaning twice a day and admiring the retainer in a mirror are my two favorite activities. I hope this helps you make a decision about whether or not you want a septum piercing, and if it matters, I highly recommend it.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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