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Septum Piercing Experience

tum Piercing Experience

Septum Piercing Experience

So I decided to get my septum pierced. I went in to Winnipeg to get it done, as I'd had a piercer recommended to me by a friend. The guy was at Primal Art and his name was Eric.

After I'd filled out the form ('If I die, I don't blame the shop or anyone that works there' kind of thing), Eric sat me down in a chair that made me think of a dentist's chair and had me lean back a bit. He explained the procedure in detail to me, showing me the needle, the cork, and the retainer he was going to put in. (I'd decided on the retainer because I wasn't sure about the work situation. I'm going to put in a ring as soon as it's healed, which'll be another week or so; that way, if there's any problems, I can always just pop the retainer back in. Seems dorky, though.)

Then he swabbed my nostrils with betadine (stinky!), marked the spot with a pen - all the while explaining what he was doing and why -, then grabbed the needle and the cork, put the cork up one nostril and the needle into the other. He said, "OK, take a deep breath," so I did, and - it was the weirdest sensation. No pain, none at all. Not even a sting; my eyes didn't even water. Just all of a sudden I could feel the needle on both sides of my septum.

Then he threaded the retainer through - that gave me some eye-watering, probably more than if it would've been a ring - and gave me a little vial of betadine, a cleaning instruction sheet, and showed me how to flip the retainer up and down. Then we went out front where I paid and was on my way.

Can't wait to put the ring in. And if you live in Manitoba or even NW Ontario, I'd recommend Eric at Primal Art for any piercing you're thinking of. Just make sure to book way ahead; he's apparently fairly busy. (I had to try 3 times to get an appointment....)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1997
in Nose Piercing

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