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Septum @ Passage

tum @ Passage

For quite some time, I've been contemplating a septum pierce, but I just never took the time to go out and do it. I've been into piercing for a few years now and so far, I've acquired a 12ga Labret, 1/2" stretched lobes, numerous earrings (most of which have been taken out) and a 14ga Hafada. It's summer time now and I'm just getting covered. I am an 18 year old currently working at a computer networking / internet working firm. They don't seem to mind my piercings at all, but I would rather notpush things over the edge, and so, most of my new piercings are going to be very non-visible. (nipples, dydoes, PA etc.)

Last weekend, I was driving my friends band (Ignorance Never Settles, keep your ear open for them) downtown (Toronto) and I had to stop off at Passage to get a new labret stud (I would like to stretch to 10ga. For now) and the one that I have is getting old and the threads are getting a little dull and I've lost two beads so far. So anyway, I went into Passage and started looking at the labret studs, I had almost decided which one I wanted......then it all changed, I then decided that I didn't really need a new labret right now (even though I do) and asked Tee if she had some time to give me a new pierce. She said yeah, so I said I'd do it and she threw the stuff in the autoclave. I then went to the nearest store and grabbed some food because I hadn't yet eaten that day, or since about 6 o'clock the day before. I had a little food and I felt pretty good. Then we went back to Passage and Tee got set up for me. The anticipation was getting to me a little now, I could feel the butter flies in my stomach. I wasn't all that nervous, but to be completely honest, I was a little bit concerned about the pain, but pain is all part of it..life is pain.

Tee sat me down and explained the cleaning and aftercare instructions to me (blah blah blah), I've been through it all before so it gets a little boring, but Tee is a responsible piercer and she takes the time to make sure that everything is covered. She then explained the procedure to me, I've seen it done before on a few of my friends so I knew what to expect, and that is sort of what scared me. Because it is in such a place where the eyes can't really see, it is tough to get it straight, and so the piercing must be made fairly slow. Knowing that the area is fairly sensitive, I started to think about the pain a little bit more, but like I said, pain really doesn't matter in the end. She used a q-tip with the end cut off to figure out where the piercing would go, and that hurt a little, but oh well. Tee then told me that every thing was ready, I decided to have it done at a 12ga., I plan to stretch it to about a 4ga. but I'll start off slow.

She placed the needle at my septum and told me to take a deep breath, and to be able to control my breathing because she was going to go slow. She slid the needle through and I won't lie so that I can look like a "real man", It hurt, IT HURT A LOT! But after the needle was through, the pain went away. Tee inserted a 12ga. SSS Septum Retainer and it felt great. I'm loving this piercing a lot and to top it all off, my mom hasn't seen it yet and because it's so invisible most of the time, she won't for a while, but man, I'm going to get in trouble. My mom hates it whenever I come home with something new. Oh well, I love it.

Needles to say, I didn't end up getting that new Labret stud....

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 June 1997
in Nose Piercing

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