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The greatest and worst experience of my life

      My story sounds very similar to the stories that you find on the penectomy fantasy story sites, but that is how my cousin and I recreated it to be. I lived with my mom in an apartment and my cousin was in from new York to visit his friend.  My cousin and I are both gay,ironically enough, and the thing that really got us off was stories about penectomies. Almost everyday, I would sit in my bathroom and use the browser on my phone to search for 'penectomy pics' or 'penectomy stories' and I would make up my own fantasies about them, and one time I even stuck a pencil tip in my penis to try to help those fantasies. I wanted to gradually gain that point where I could be able to do anything to myself and not have to deal with the excruciating pain, but once I stuck the pencil in, I had to stop. It just had hurt too bad. I never had a high tolerance for pain. I had Always had thoughts about doing stuff to my penis, but had never gone through with it. 

My cousin and i had sat at the house and talked for a good 3 or 4 hours about the many different ways of penectomy we had heard of. After that talk we finally decided that we were going to build some sort of device to help us go through with our fantasy.

    He went to lowes one day and bought wood and saw blades and a bunch of screws. When he came home he built the machine. At this point, I was still in college so I didn't get home until 5 at night, and my mom was staying with her boyfriend in Youngstown, Ohio.  So that night was the best night that we could have possibly chosen have our "fun".  We had some of his friends over to have an orgy. And there were a total of 5 people there. We all fucked and sucked and were having an amazing time.  Then my cousin brought the Machine into the room, and it seemed like there was a collective gasp. That made my cousin and I all the more excited. The machine was a guillotine. Everyone took turns putting there cocks into the machine and we gave then blowjobs and habdjobs until they came all over our faces. I was already excited enough, but then my excitement greatened as the next thing that happened. 

      It was my turn and I guided my penis into the metal hole of the machine. The next thing that I remember is taking a bunch of hits off of a blunt to try to help make the pain not as bad.  AJ, the guy I had fantasized about for years was giving me a blowjob. He wasn't very good at and it took longer than I wanted it to.  It took soo long that I  started to get all annoyed but all I remember at that point was feeling the intenseness of the most amazing orgasm I had ever had in my life. And then immense pain. I could feel every single nerve in my dick being sliced in half and the horrific pain that they were giving off. I felt the spot where my dick once was and then I passed out from both the blood loss and the pain.

     I woke up a few days later in the hospital. I was still in some pain, but not nearly as bad.  My cousin had explained that the whole thing had gone wrong and they had to rush me to the hospital. He told my mom that someone broke into the house and had tried to rob me as I got out of the shower but had succeeded in cutting off my penis. And also that the guillotine was destroyed.  The doctors decided to reattach my penis, since I could not consent to it, and neither could anyone else. They also had to give me 2 pints of blood. The "accident" took a couple months to recover from, but then I started to pierce my dick and cut it, which was even more fun than before.  I could withstand the pain of the cutting because of the pain that I had experienced from the penectomy. It was more of a tickle that happened during the cuttings. I had just assumed my nerves were badly damaged and could no longer send the correct messages to my brain as they could before.

   My cousin was never able to go through with the guillotine because of my inexpected trip to the hospital. I made surethat I told him that he wouldn't want to, because even though the feeling of being inside of a machine that controls your destiny, it was not worth the horrific pain that even drugs could not help to subside. 


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in BME/HARD Fiction Stories

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Artist: My+cousin
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Location: WV

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