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Licensed Nurse Practioner

BME ENTRY 2 Penectomy, Nurse Practioner

Hi, my name is Jill and I don't hesitate to say that I probably am one of the most popular and professional cutter in the states, holding my own with those surgeons out their who, like me, want to pick up some extra cash. I want to tell you about myself and some of the outreageous cutting sessions I have carrier out in my career as a cutter. First, a little background about myself. I was a surgical nurse, RN, for 10 years in a major trauma center that was also a teaching hospital as well. I picked up a lot of surgical techniques when it came to managing blood loss, pain control and stitching. I participated in many botched do-it-yourself or butchered, by cutter, penectomies. While doing this I also attended school there to become a nurse practioner. The advantage of a nurse practioner is that besides learning how diagnose illness for doctors that are just too busy to see every patient I was also licensed to prescribe meds. Being able to prescribe meds is what really topped off my experience since individuals could either go through the procedure of being cut experiencing the event with the associated pain, if they wish, while also allowing me to stop the pain the moment it was over. This was especially great for the guys who had their cocks cut to any degree. With additional meds I could provide painless reco very and my low prices put me in high demand. I had a great career so I did it for fun and profit. Getting meds in a teaching hospital is easy especially, while I could also prescribe meds after the surgery clients could get at a pharmacy.
Ok, so how did get into the business. In my 10 plus years in surgery I have had exactly 206 patients, male, who required surgery because they were either butchered by cutters, or by themselves as I mentioned above. I made it a point to always talk to them in their short stay recovery and learned about the trade and how these guys, a lot with total penectomies, all wanted this. Hard to believe since I always thought guys loved their cocks. These men were of all ages and social classes. In other words only about one fifth were the classic druggie with the extreme body tattoos, scaring etc. The only guys you would think of who would cut off their dick. My first penectomy was a "gimmie" because one of the visitors of a patient and I had hit it off and had coffee. During that time I told him about my job, since he seemed interested and was prying into my skill, that's when he told me he also wanted to be cut. But didn't want to be butchered like his buddy. He told me he would give me $2,000 cash if I would cut his 7" penis down to 3" and be without pain and function comfortably such that he could put it in a crock-pot and enjoy it the same day. I told him sure, that would be easy for me. Banding, then one quick slice with the scalpel and it would be over. I would kill the pain and give him two weeks of narcotics to recover. The deal was done! It was my first and went very smoothly. I arrived at his home at 10:00am. He lived alone and from all the porn around the place he was obviously addicted to masturbation and body modification of the genitals. In fact he greeted me at the door with a semi hard-on and told me he had
been drinking for two days with hardly any sleep since he was so excited about what he was about to do. I turned down his offer to drink and asked when he felt ready to do it and if I could set up my video camera and start filming, and begin with an interview with him while he jerked off. He agreed and was very excited. I began filming and he related his story how he always wanted to have some or his entire dick cut off. He dreamt about it vividly for most of his life. He wanted to down size it and be able to shock people he showed it to. He was so absolutely ecstatic with the video taping, to think he could watch his own penectomy was causing him to cum as he talked. "So, when do we do it, since it was going on noon?" I asked. He was so excited by the event he poured a 12 ounce glass of scotch guzzled it and did it one more time. Still jerking off he came and said lets do it. I placed a hospital OR disposable blue sheet on the kitchen table and said "Jump on UP " He climbed up on the table spread his legs as said to. I told him to bend his legs over the table so I could secure them with nylon stocking to the table legs. He did but was still jerking off like crazy. I told him I needed to tie his arms to the two other legs as well. As soon as I said that he came again. Of course days of jerking off had drained his balls and nothing was coming out. "Are you ready" I asked, "Yes" I secured his arms. He was tied very firmly now. I had the camera running filming everything. I repositioned it on his groin. Gloved up, banned him, telling him as a professional does every thing I was doing. He liked that, being totally submissive to have his dick cut off. After gloving up I spread all the instruments out I asked him how much did he really want cut off. He replied four inches. I then asked him if he wanted the amputated part to be banded and filled with blood or just flaccid. He said he wanted it full but didn't think no matter ho w excited he was that he could get it up after all the jerking off. He was concerned, since it was a one-time event, that he couldn't fill it he asked me to stroke it. I told him I had something much better in mind. With that I showed him a small syringe I had. I told him that it was filled with prostaglandin E1 a vasodilator and that in a few minutes he would be rock hard. I reassured him that it is used for impotency usually from nerve damage when no matter how horny a guy is it won't get hard. With PGE1 injected you are hard for an hour or more whether you like it or not. "Please do it" I did while simultaneously timing the banding. He was rock hard and banded in no time. He said his dick never felt harder. "Do you want to cancel", I asked. "No, no" he said "Just stand it up so I can see it one last time. He raised his head and looked and couldn't believe it. He had an orgasm with me just standing it up. Exhausted he lowered his head. "Ok, do it", he said. I t old him it would be over in an instance. I put a small ceramic cutting board on his stomach, then I measured his length placed the scalpel on it and told him what I was doing. "What you feel is the scalpel just touching your dick, when you say go its one quick slice and the pain will set in rapidly. "Tell me when" "GO" he yelled, instantly I and smoothly I sliced it off. No blood spilled. "Is it over, is it over" I held it up in front of him. He was totally shocked because now it was permanent, no going back. I treated his pain immediately, untied him, Sat him up and gave him his cock. I filmed him fondling it, licking, kissing it, and rubbing it as if he could still feel it. With his legs still spread he placed it on the stumped. I told him to lie back and enjoy it because I had stitching to do. When I was through I sat him up again, untied his legs and without saying a thing he got up, walked over to a crock-pot and plopped it in. " How long should I cook it" "co cks are tough, do it over night." I'll be back tomorrow at noon to finish filming the event, then I'll burn you a DVD before I leave. He was drunk and in shock so I put the lid on the pot, set it on low as he watched, walked him into his bedroom and put him to sleep with a sedative. Later he told me he slept till the next day until 10:00 am. He said he couldn't believe it in the morning, looking at his stump. To sore to play with, but no pain when peeing, he was very excited. When his cock had finished cooking, he placed it on plate, me filming him all the time. He sat down with a knife and fork and cut the head off then cut it into halves. "I want to share some of this with you, you've been so great" I thought about it and figured what the hell. I paused the camera and took the half of the head., put it in my mouth and it was unbelievable. It was so tender with such a unique taste, like clean cocks taste when you suck on them only sweeter now eating it. I thanked hi m and went back to filming him eating the head half and filmed him slowly cut off thin slices and savor every bite of the shaft until it was gone. I told him he could play with his stump in a few days, very light today but don't tear the stitches I warned. I had set up the DVD burner and cut him his personal DVD. I sat with him and watched the DVD one time to ensure quality, packed up and left him replaying the disk over and over again while gently rubbing his stump. I loved it. After that my underground business skyrocketed via word of mouth! Over the years I had done 108 radical, total, penectomies where by they kept their balls and would pee or cum from the root of their penis all the while having a smooth appearance. Orgasms were possible, somewhat harder though, since the root could be rubbed or vibrated being not nearly as sensitive as the head was. I highly recommend to anyone out there wanting a total penectomy follow this recommendation and please leave your balls on. This makes you a guy so you will be horny enough to watch the film I always make of the surgery and with patient holding his severed cock for the first time. Also I hang around and film every thing you want to do with your severed cock afterwards. Great for masturbation right ? Remember no matter how tempting, leave your balls on. I have turned down more castrations with penectomies then I can remember because of this requirement. Oh, one last thing, I was always so amazed by the girlfriends or wives of the guys being cut. They are alw ays naked, have been fucking and playing with their vibrators all day and so fuck'n horny when they watch and get their hands on the severed cock. You can imagine what some women have done. Including eating some of it raw in front of the guy! Although I have hundreds of stories I may write in the future, some involving total removal of female apparatus as well, I have to tell you about a time my girlfriend, Pam, and I decided to go hunting for cock, and not to get laid. Pam and I are both pretty hot, she a little hotter but we always turn heads. So we decided to take our vacation together at a very popular resort area on the Atlantic Ocean. We dressed up to kill, used wigs and sunglasses to not be easily recognized by hotel cameras got a hotel some 30 miles from the beach and we went hunting for cock. To do this we had to do everything in one day to escape any police investigations that would follow up. We would leave no trails this way. I had my cutting equipment concealed in a large beach shoulder bag and Pam carried other stuff needed. There would, of course be no follow up meds for pain only the initial shot after it was done.
We got to the first beach at noon wearing very revealing two-piece bating suits and had golden rub on tans. Another, part of our disguise that could wash off easily. We decided all guys were fair game, married, single who cares. It was our vacation. In less then one hour we were hit on and joined by two very good looking single guys in their early forties. Small talk turned to sex of course and we went back to one of their rooms for some drinks. After a few drinks we teasingly took off our tops, which led to our bottoms and they got naked two. At some point during foreplay I interrupted the playing to get more double strong drinks. The guys went for it. I also went for some smokes in my bag. I really don't smoke. The cigarette pack concealed chlorohydrate tablets, that is, the old fashioned knock out pills. We drank, they passed out naked and there they were, two cocks for the taking. We held them, sucked them and were so turned on by what we were going to do next we began to play with each other. Their cocks now soft were banded with the smallest band possible. We placed the small ceramic cutting square I use on their stomachs and would lay their cocks on them. I took out my tools. Pam ran the video camera. The last thing I did was an injection of sodium penthathal to keep them under for 12 or more hours. What a surprise they would have when wakening. I left each guy an inch to play with, unfortunately they wouldn't get a video like my customers did. To limit bleeding, which would be messy, I used a very small wooden roller from a little girls play kitchen set and rolled down from the head to the band forcing all the blood under the band. I did this several times. The cock lost almost all color becoming pale flesh in color. The cocks were cold and very narrow and limp. I took my scalpel and a quick slice later took each off. I placed them in a small ice chest., Pam stopped filming, I stitched their 1" long stumps, we kissed both m en said goodbye and moved on down the road. We did two more pairs that day, taking six cocks, went back to our hotel, cleaned up, washed off our tans, and ditched the disguise wigs etc, .far away at some remote convince store dumpster we had scoped out earlier. We drove back home the next day with severed cocks in the car listening to the news, but never hearing anything about it. All the while talking, laughing, and holding up the trophies, waving them around in the car. After a day of driving we got back home and placed all six in a crock-pot like my first customer did and feasted twelve hours later. We decided then that besides my regular business, every once in a while we would randomly take a road trip.


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
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