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Clit Piercing/Implant?!

iercing/Implant?! This must be and probably is the strangest implant story you will get. As a body piercer and my husband being a piercer also we decided to do my clit piercing one evening. Just one of those things that you do. We actually have a Health Department registered room at the back of our house where we can do piercings after hours for friends and those shy clients who don't feel comfortable in the shop environment. So out to the piercing room we went and Geoff found a barbell that would do the job. A 1.6mm (14ga) barbell with 4mm balls ­ I thought that the balls were small but they would do for a start, we would change them latter. Being my usual nervous self when it comes to piercing. I hesitated and ooed and ahhed and yes I want it ­ In a minute etc. Geoff gets really cross with me at this point because he has everything out and I am delaying the procedure and we sit and work out placement for the fifth time and I build up the courage again. Yes I do want it but then again I am not so sure???? I must be his worst client and he paces about the room saying come on work it out or I am going to bed. I am not staying out here all night just for you to decide what you want.... I really feel bad for him now and pulling myself together ­ Lets do it then. I jumped up on the chair and he does the piercing. Much like all of my others it didn't hurt much at all ­ a very intense feeling but very quick and I suddenly thought of what a client had once said when I did her clit piercing... "It is strange, I wasn't sure if it hurt or I was going to climax!" That was so close to the truth that it was uncanny. I had been extra nervous because we were doing it a little different and it was more like a triangle than a clit piercing ­ going behind the clit and through the hood only vertically ­ probably the only vertical triangle done. Actually we have done the same on other clients so I can't say that but mine was the first. It was great and began to heal well until one day I went to the toilet and the bar dropped out, yes in the toilet ­ "OH NO!" I found the bar with one ball on it and after I washed it I put it back in but I didn't know where the other ball was. As I inserted the bar it had been difficult to get through and I suddenly realized why. The top ball being only 4mm balls had gone into the piercing at the top and then unthreaded. I had a ball implanted in my clit hood and because of the aggravation of putting the bar back beside it ­ it was not going to come out. I found a larger ball and threaded it onto the top of the bar and decided to leave it until Geoff came home from the shop. Well, he didn't know how to get it out either and me being such a wimp and my clit being a bit sore we left it. Knowing that implants have to be done with smooth balls and this was threaded ­ it would have to come out. But, no real hurry yet. Days passed and it healed again and the tenderness went. It was comfortable to wear and not a problem the ball inside was actually very nice. Weeks went past and then months and I enjoyed this small ball floating about beside the barbell ­ every so often it would pinch though and I would think of getting it out. One night I was having a few drinks at home with my husband and a girlfriend of mine and on returning from the loo I stated that my clit piercing was getting sore ­ it was time for the ball to come out. I had really expected it to play up much sooner ­ it must have been at least 6 months now. We went to the piercing room and removed the bar which we had stretched to a 10ga by this time ­ I had purposely stretched the piercing to help the ball to come out. I sat and squeezed under the ball and brought it to the exit point of the piercing. It was at the opening but covered in a layer of flesh ­ Geoff got a scalpel and gently cut the flesh just a little. This didn't really hurt but the squeezing did. I had to squeeze quite hard ­ a bit like squeezing a big pimple. Of course I had Geoff and my friend slightly intoxicated ­ but not really pissed ­ sitting watching and letting me know what was happening ­ it was showing. Yes it was coming out. A bit further, just one more push. POP out popped the ball and it bounced across the floor with my last heave. Everybody had been in suspense as it had got closer and so as the ball came to a stop my girlfriend blurted out with a sigh ­ "Congratulations! ­ You have just given birth to a bouncing baby ball!" I replaced the 10ga barbell and have nice big 8 and 10mm balls on it and every so often think that maybe an implant would be good. But next time it would be done properly. Because we are professionals and have access to equipment and knowledge to aid us in these situations we can try things out and suffer the consequences etc. Never let anyone experiment on you or do a procedure they are unsure of because things can go wrong. My problem was not serious because I understood it and knew what to do ­ I would have hated for that to happen to a client and would not have used that bar with small balls in the first place. So, I learnt to practice what I preach but had fun in the process and no harm was done. Hope you too can learn from this and enjoy my funny implant. Regards Rhonda Body Pleasure ­ Piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 July 2000
in Implants

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Artist: Geoff+-+My+husband
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Location: Australia

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