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My permanent Shackles

I posted the pics of my shackles on my IAm page and have recieved numerous messages from people that are curious about them So I wanted to submit the story about them so that others can know the story behind them.

I was 18 when I had them put on by a very very dear friend of mine.

I had seen many pictures of women in other countries with permanent jewelry before,but none in the United States. I always thought to myself how that is a step way beyond what piercing could ever give me.

I had a few piercings at that time, nipples, tongue, lip, septum, my bridge, my genitals and was stretching my ears.

I have played around with bondage a little and found that it interests me but that finding a partner worth sharing that with was incredibly hard.

So most people I talk to think that I had the shackles put on by a Master and that I am someones slave. That is not the story even though I am reminded of the expierience of them being put on, and of my friend that helped me create and put them on, every time I look at them.

So in a sense I am bonded to him for ever and that doesnt bother me.

Now I wanted them to look girlie, nothing bulky, and too noticable. I just couldnt find anything that would work just right, and my friend came over one day, and said he had just gotten back from an antique yard. He put in front of me a long piece of shiny metal 1/2" wide and slightly rounded on both sides. It was purfect.

He told me the pieces came off a 1930's bi wing plane they were the cross beams that hold the wings on. To me that was really awesome I will have antique shackles. SO it was a done deal now, so he took a cast of my ankles about 4-5 inches tall and made a mold. then cut the metal in two pieces and molded it around the molds he had made of my ankles. Then filed the ends so that they met up perfect it looked like if you were to hold one hand face up and then lay'd the other on top face down they met up and made a thickness the same size of the rod. then he took a piece of stainless steel tubing and flattened it we were ready then to put the shackles on.

he opended the prebent shackle and places it sround my ankle, then slid the tube over. After that he used a welding mixture and put it on the metal and inside ithe tube. Then we put a huge c clamp on the shackle because it would not stay together, with a towel to protect the shiny shackle. One on each leg. I remained like this for a full 24 hours to allow the welding compound to dry.

I have to admitt I really enjoyed trying to walk around my house with the C clamps on my ankles. I also think my friend enjoyed watching me hobble around the house.

After 24 hours the compound was dry and we removed the clamps and the towel, there were a few scratches so I used a dremmel to polish them.

At first they bothered the back of my leg where the foot bends. They caused blisters but after the blisters went away there was a calous so the discomfort was small. I have a hard time finding tall boots that I can wear now also but most boots they fit in as long as I push the shackle up away from my ankle inside the boot.

I really like the fact that I chose to use a more discrete look for them because I can wear heels and a very nice dress and go out and even classy ladies will ask me about them because they find them beautiful. The women that do approach me have their own permanent mods that are commonly over looked and accepted in the mainstream... permanent toe rings. So in my mind I feel this type of adornment could be accepted and in my life has been.

On rare occasion I will have someone from the BD/SM world approach me and ask about them.. In hopes.

I have never used them for bondage purposes not saying if I met the right person I would'nt it just has not happened.

I have seen other shackles since mine but noone has had them on as long as I have. It has been 11 years now I am very proud of that actually. Most shackles I have seen since have been riveted or have screws and look very bulky I'm a ladie and I wanted something beautiful to adorn a ladie.

I have had problems with them but nothing that is so uncomfortable that I would ever take them off. they could be removed but not without great effort.

I love them they are unique and I do feel honored to be one of very few people in the world to wear true permanent adornments.

I hope this explains enough about my shackles and my expierience having them. If anyone has any other question feel free to contact me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Corsetry and Binding

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Artist: William+J+Meyer+III
Studio: Home
Location: Denton%2CTX

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