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I've been into nipple play, and sensory pain of my nipples for several years, and have experimented with many types of devices. I can't really remember at what age I started, but now, at 43, I think I've found - for me - the perfect answer to heighten both the sensitivity of my nipples as well as lengthening them considerably, such that I can now stretch my nipples to roughly one and a half inches.

My nipples are the most sensitive part of my body; touch them and everything else comes into action. I used to just play with them; pulling, twisting, and 'trying' to bind them with string (which is easier said than done). I then had them pierced by Patrick from the London Piercing Clinic, but because of hospitalisation I had to take the rings out. At that time I had three piercings through each nipple: I had a small thin 1.6mm ring at the tip of the nipple, with a 2.6mm vertical bar set behind the front ring. Finally I had a 3.3mm heavy large ring set behind the vertical bar. A total 7.5mm of metal. So my nipples were very prominent, and obviously they showed through my shirt or top.

But having had to take the piercings out I desperately wanted to work on (re)stretching my nipples again, but without having to have them re- pierced. It was by chance that I was in the local chemist looking for a syringe, and the chemist kindly showed me the two sizes he had in stock. So I bought 2 x 10ml syringes which I knew would be ideal for stretching my nipples.

I cut off the tip of both syringes, and rubbed down the ends to make them smooth, and was ready to start on my stretching process. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was amazed at the rapid result.

Here is what I do: I put some vaseline around the base of both nipples then place the open end of the syringe over the nipple, and then slowly pull the syringe plunger up to about half-way. This sucks the nipple up and into the syringe. After about a minute I then pull the plunger all the way to the end. I repeat this on the other nipple.

Initially I only did this for about fifteen minutes a couple of times a day, but I noticed fairly early on that my nipples were starting to thicken up considerably and at the same time gain a minimal increase in permanent length. They also went from sensitive to ultra sensitive.

Now I deliberately leave the suction syringe on for up to two hours at a time; and I can now suck/stretch my nipples beyond one and a half inches. After such a length of time inside the suction process my nipples become 'bloated' and a deep dark purple in colour. The pain - for that is what it is after a couple of hours - is also very intense, but for me that is part of the pleasure.

And just as importantly, this is probably the cheapest method of nipple stretching that I know and makes the idea of buying a specialist suction kit look rediculous.


You might have read some of my other contributions about male nipples before, and so I want to relate to you my more "extreme" nipple play sessions with my partner.

For both of us nipples and hard nipple work are essential to our lives; we are both in our early 40's and both of us have very sensitive nipples; through years of either pierced nipples, stretching, clamps, weights and so on. But of late we have discovered a more advanced form of nipple play which - for us- is a real turn on.

My nipples are now very thick and partners are a similar shape; also our nipples when 'relaxed' are at least half an inch long. My partner, Michael, also has a 3.3mm horizontal bar through each nipple, and I frequently work his nipples out - twisting violently, chewing, sucking, using nipples clamps, even to the point of hanging small 'G' clamps off his nipples.

But of late we have gotten into play piercing on a serious level; an evening now often will find him working over my nipples for over an hour; pummelling, pulling, stretching and so on. We then go on to stage two, all part of the night long session. We carefully bind our cocks and balls together (fortunately we are both of similar height and weight) using thin webbing. As we are both into ball stretching this just enhances the session.

Having done this my partner will then use a sterilised needle with twine and push it through my right nipple (yes, the pain is there whenever this is done). He then hands the needle and twine to me and I then push the needle through his left nipple. At this stage we are both reasonably free to move the top half of our bodies. The twine is long enough to extend so that he then pierces my left nipple and I pierce his right nipple with the twine; it's at this point that the twine is then pulled very taught such that our bodies are then pulled quite tightly together.

With our nipples now "face to face" and our cocks and balls bound together we are totally inseparable; all we can do is to explore each other with our hands as we lie on the bed (or wherever we might be); on occasions we have spent the whole night like this joined together. For both of us this gives our partnership a really 'dynamic' bond.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Modification

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