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nipple lengthening & enlargement

ple lengthening & enlargement

I have found that a inexpensive, safe, and simple way to extend the nipples is through nipple pumping. I bought a syringe at toys r us (it is heavy plastic with a long thin flexible tube) and cut off the end with a hacksay, filed it smooth and reversed the plunger for the top was now the bottom and had more surface area to grab hold of the skin. I have used it on myself with good results. Then I tried it on my partner-female- with excellent results. This procedure that follows works best when done in a SLOW and careful manner getting feedback from the other person. Wet the end that goes next to the nipple and firmly place the syringe on it and draw back slowly until you see the nipple start up the tube, then stop and wait a few minutes and you can draw it back some more. Continued use will permanently lengthen and enlarge the nipples. the use of a small diameter tube such as I have works great on just pulling out only the nipple. The nipples will return to their former size but not all the way. They are now "pop up" nipples and will immediately return to a lengthened size at the next application of the suction. The more and more you use it the longer and longer they will get. Great sweater bumpers. Oh, by the way, they will become pleasantly sensitive. For a great extension you can immediately apply a nipple lasso around each nipple as soon as you remove the syringe. Or you can use tiny rubberbands, the kind that is used on braces, BUT, you should pre-stretch the rubberbands on a double AA battery or you won't get them off, even then you may have difficulty. Best way to remove them is to grasp the flesh to either side of the nipple and grab hold with thumb and forefinger and gently pull evenly from both sides and it should pop off. If the nipples become a little dry any hand cream will help them along with some powder. This can be very, very erotic.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 July 1997
in Nipple Modification

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