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Nipple Enlargement Experience

all began when I had begun to develop an interest in protuberant, "pointy", or unusually shaped nipples on both males and females even though I am a heterosexual male. Since it seemed to produce greater sensation due to the greater surface area of the nipple-areolar complex, I began to research it by observing the frequency of its occurence in magazines and public and by using literature sources. When BME Extereme did not require the membership to access the section, I went into the section to further research it by reading the FAQs on nipple enlargement and examine some of the pictures to see the quality of nipple enlargements. After researching, I decided to try to enlarge my nipples and areolas complexes. The following describes my first attempts, the procedure I settled on, and the effects of the non-surgical modification.

    My first attempts was with a small hand-held vacuum pump, and since

strong suction causes bruising, I decided to proceed carefully. I first shaved the area around the areola and nipple to facilitate the suction seal of the pump. I sized the attachment to fit the border of the areola and attached the pump to it. Then, I applied enough suction to cause the nipple-areolar complex to extend but not cause extreme pain. It was mildly uncomfortable for the first 2 minutes since I did not use any lubricant, and my nipples were initially not used to it. For the first session, I applied suction for 15 minutes and noticed no bruising or any other anomaly. For my second session, I used the same procedure except I extended the suction time to 25 minutes. When I had finished, I noticed a small blister on one of my areolas. I drained it by puncturing it with a needle. To facilitate healing, I waited several days for it to heal.

    I tried several sessions, and, by trial and error, I settled on a

procedure that did not cause any more blisters. During my finalized procedure for the first stage, I used the same vacuum pump and attachment and applied lower suctiion for 25 minutes until my nipple-areolar complexes got used to it. After they got used to it, I used the same pressure but extended the time to 35 minutes. It did not cause any blisters. Every session thereafter, I applied suction for 35 minute durations once or twice per day. However, I would change attachment sizes sometimes to concentrate on specific areas of the areola or nipple.

    The effects of the nipple enlargement are mostly positive.  The

temporary effects of the enlarged size of the nipple/areola subsided after approximately 30 minutes after ending the suction. Through short term use of the enlargment sessions, the enlargement is mostly temporary. However, long term enlargement leads to more permanent enlargement. My left areola and nipple was flat and not as protuberant as my right areola and nipple. So, I concentrated my enlargement sessions on my left one. After a week, I noticed a small difference in the size of my nipples and areola. My left nipple/areola became enlarged by about 1/8" whereas my right one became enlarge about 1/16". I plan to continue my nipple/areola enlargement sessions until my left nipple and right nipple are about 2-3" more protuberant or "pointy". Right now, they are about 1/2". I also noticed an pleasurable effect that I did not noticed. The skin of the areola and nipple felt smoother. My enlarged nipples/areola give more sensation when participating in sexual activites.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Modification

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