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Saline Injection

It had been a while since I had any saline injections, and I had to "scratch my itch" again. I had previously had a "professional" inject my breasts and clit, but this time, a friend was going to do my clit hood and my "lips" as a surprise for my boyfriend.

To get in the mood, we decided to start with a little low level torture. She began by teasing my left nipple into erection. When it was stiff, clamped it with a wooden cloths pin. Then she repeated the procedure with the right one.

She then went to warm the saline in a pot of boiling water. While the saline was warming, she placed more cloths pins around my nipples. Once she has a circle of cloths pins around each nipple, she removed the center ones and replaced them with stronger binder clips. By this time, I was really turned on.

She then used suction pressure from a large syringe to vacuum pump up my clit and make extra space for the saline, which would allow her to inject more volume. My previous experiences had taught me that I could take an additional 7 ml. after my clit was pumped.

Once the saline was warm and my clit was very swollen, she put a vibrator in my vagina, and turned it on low. Then she filled a syringe with the saline. She carefully cleaned off my hood, and then slowly inserted the needle. As I had previously experienced, the insertion of the needle didn't hurt much. Then, after I said that I was ready, she began to push in the plunger. I immediately felt a pleasurable burning which soon intensified into something more. She removed the needle, and quickly pulled the clips off of my breasts. Suddenly, she put the vibrator on high, and lightly flicked my clit. I came immediately!

Then, she began work on my lips. We had decided on several injections as she had no experience with IV's. I had previously had injections, but we decided she'd do it a little differently. She was going to inject all of the syringes (10 in all) before she injected any of the saline. She had me massage my nipples to distract myself as she inserted the needles. Once all the needles were in, she began with the center needles, and worked her way out. As each successive syringe was injected the pressure and burning grew, as well as their sensitivity to touch.

There was a little extra saline, so we decided to plump up my nipples too. To maximize the puffyness, she inserted the needle next to my areola angled towards my nipple. She made several small injections around my areola. Then, she inserted the needle directly into the center of my nipple for a final touch. The pain was so intense, I had to put a pillow over my face to muffle my screams. As she finished the nipple, I remembered that she still had another nipple to go. As she began her work on my other sensitive breast, the pain seemed more intense. Perhaps it was because that breast is about a cup size smaller than my other breast, or perhaps because I had already had so much stimulation. She turned the vibrator back on to help me cope. The pain was still very intense, but surprisingly, the saline didn't seem to burn as much. Maybe I had gotten accustomed to the burning. She waited until I began to peak and then injected the final and most painful needle right into my poor nipples center.

By the time she was done with the injections, my fluids had soaked the towel that I was laying on. I was so sensitive. When I stood up, I almost fell over from the change in "weight" of my lips. I also almost came just from my lips rubbing together. The pain was all worth it when I looked in the mirror and saw all of my feminine parts swollen, rosy, and glistening. One of my nipples had a bead of saline on its tip, and my puffy nipples made me think that my nipples were ready to nurse. I have actually considered injecting my breasts with milk and experimenting to see if my boyfriend could "nurse out" the milk. I haven't done it because I'm not sure if that is dangerous or not. I don't want to do something that will cause me serious permanent damage. I make a mental note to research the possibility. I went to get dressed, and decided that I couldn't stand the sensitivity, and decided to leave my panties off. I was glad that I had worn a skirt rather then pants. My boyfriend was in for a fun night.

My clit and lips were very sensitive and swollen for the next few days.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 April 2008
in Saline Injection

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Artist: my+friend
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Location: toledo

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