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Testicular Injection, Minute by Minute

ticular Injection, Minute by Minute

Before starting, I would caution everyone to get professional assistance before trying testicle injection. I was so excited while viewing the BME/Ritual page on scrotal and testicle injection that I couldn't wait to try it. I used Xylocaine 1% (similar to Novocaine) and a 25g. by 1 1/2" needle with 3 cc syringe.

7:15 PM - Hot shower using anti-bacterial soap. I shaved my scrotum and used a very hot shower spray on my balls to allow them to hang down freely. Massaged and stretched the balls so they hung down in the bottom of the scrotum.

7:35 PM - Really getting excited now. Pre-cum is starting to drip from my cock. My genital area is red from the hot shower and my balls are hanging down as far as they ever have. I washed the genital area with liberal dose of rubbing alcohol. Wow!, a real experience after shaving.
I used a 2 inch wide elastic bandage to wrap tightly around my scrotum forcing my balls securely against the botton of my sack. The scrotal veins are really standing out through the thin skin. I massaged my balls some more and laid out the equipent on a clean towel. I placed a fresh bath towel on the bed.

7:40 PM - I wanted to inject 6 cc of liquid into each testicle, which I understood was about the maximum that should be done. My right nut is 2 1/4" long and 1 3/4" wide with the other one slightly smaller. I wiped the top of the Xylocaine solution with a pre-packaged alcohol wipe. I pulled the syringe plunger back to its limit, 3 cc. I inserted the needle into the solution bottle, pushed the air out of the syringe into the bottle and inverted the bottle. Pulling back slowly on the syringe I watched the clear liquid flow in, knowing that very shortly it would be in the middle of my left nut.

7:43 PM - I reclined on the bed with my legs spread wide and firmly held my balls in my left hand. My object of attention was my smaller left testicle. I placed the needle against the scrotal skin near the bottom and directed it in a line that would take it towards the middle of my nut. I went slowly and felt a definite sharp pain as the needle pushed against and then penetrated the thin scrotal skin. There was not any bleeding and I renewed pushing the needle. I felt it go through another layer of tissue with a pain that radiated to the base of my cock and into my left leg. After this the needle seemed to go easier, but I was definitely aware that it was penetrating my nut. Wow, an incredibly intense but pleasurable pain. It was amazing to watch the needle bury its way into such a delicate area. I stopped the 1 1/2" needle about 1/4" from being fully inserted. This would put it slightly past the half way point inside my testicle.

7:44 PM? (I am not sure of the time. I had been trying to make mental notes of when things happened, but I bacame preoccupied with the needle that was impaled in my nut.) The precum is really flowing now. I pulled back slightly on the syringe and did not find any blood. I then began pushing the syringe slowly. The first feeling is hard to describe, but was a dull pain radiating from my left testicle as the fluid started its expansion of my nut. I took it steady but slow, and was amazed to watch the smaller testicle grow to the size of my right one, and then become larger. I could feel the numbing effect of the Xylocaine start after releasing about half of the syringe into its surrounding tissue. Again, it is hard to describe. The initial dull pain changed to a full feeling as the testicle took on its load of liquid internally and expanded. A fullness that is very erotic!! I slowly withdrew the needle. A small drop of blood appeared and was wiped with an alcohol wipe. I massaged the left testicle, but could not feel anything. Incredible feeling of squeezing your nut hard enough to normally make you scream, but not feel anything.

7:50 PM - I refilled the syringe with another 3 cc of the liquid, wiped off the scrotum again with alcohol, reclined and held the now smaller right nut. I repeated the procedure of feeling pain of the needle penetrating the scrotal skin. However, before the needle entered very far, the pain became unbearable and I removed the needle. A fair amount of blood flowed and was caught with a hand towel present for that purpose. The bleeding stopped within a very short time. I cleaned the area again with alcohol and got ready for the next try. I tried a location slightly above the last try, and got it going in fine. It required more force to penetrate the right testicle compared to the left one, and with somewhat more pain. The pain lessens as the needle gets deeper. It is most intense closer to the surface. As I started injecting the Xylocaine, I feel the same dull pain as the left nut had.
I can feel the inner pressure starting to build and then the effects of the Xylocaine start numbing the testicle. It is the most erotic sight to see the testicle grow as the liquid flows. The tight scrotal skin cannot hold it back and the veins become more obvious. After the syringe is emptied of its load, the right testicle has now assumed it correct relationship as the largest. I withdraw the needle and wipe with alcohol. Massaging both testicles is an incredible experience.
You can feel them with your fingers, but they cannot feel your fingers.
I spend some time playing with the swollen jewels.

8:00 PM - I refill the syringe with another 3 cc of the Xylocaine, recline and position the needle on the left nut slightly above the site of the original penetration. The scrotal skin is still sensitive to pain, but once the needle gets to the testicle, I am not aware that it invading the innermost part of my testicle. Once the needle is to the desired point, I slowly release the liquid and watch my testicle expand even more. I can feel something, but it must be the scrotal skin being stretched by the expanding testicle. This second injection makes a total of 6 cc in the left nut. It really is erotic to see. The left one is now the larger again. I withdraw the syringe and massage them some more.

8:10 PM - I refill the syringe to its limit for the fourth time and inject the right testicle giving it a total 6 cc load. It swells back in the lead as to size, and really looks impressive. I want to go bigger, but better not push it. I release the elastic bandage, and let my swollen testicles swing free. It is the strangest feeling seeing and touching your nuts, but the testicles not being able to feel your fingers. I can only think that this is what it would be like being castrated. (It is erotic to temporarily lose the feeling in your nuts, but I definitely do not want to lose them. The pleasure of feeling them between your legs and swinging when fucking is a higher priority.) The sensitivity of the scrotal skin seems to be dimished slightly, but still hurts if you pinch it.

8:15 PM - I am so horny that I decide to make two injections (3cc each) into my cock. The first is deposited on the top of my cock about an inch from my body. The first bit of Xylocaine causes a strange feeling that radiates towards the head of my cock. It only lasts a few seconds.
I can see the skin swelling in an area slightly larger than a quarter.
The pain is not nearly as strong as when the needle was impaled in my testicles the first time. The liquid spreads out more than I expected.
The second load is deposited into the most sensitive spot on a cock, on the underside just behind the head. The needle is definitely felt as it penetrates the skin. The entire area is soon deadened. If someone had a problem with cuming too soon, this would definitely help. But the fun would be gone since there is no feeling.

8:25 PM - I stand in front of a mirror and enjoy the size of my testicles. Wish they were that size all the time. They are still totally without feeling. Very erotic!! I spend some time massaging them and enjoying the sensation. I think about jacking off, but decide to save the load for later. There is no discomfort. I put on a pair of boxer shorts so as to let the testicles to swing free. I get dressed and notice that as I walk I cannot detect the presence of my testicles.
I try sitting and make sure that my nuts are dropped down between my legs. I close my legs and make my knees touch. My testicles are not there!! Strange feeling! I reach my hand down and make sure that they are still there. I do a little walking and enjoy the feeling.

9:30 PM - A dull ache is starting to present itself in the left side of my groin area. My testicles are now able to detect squeezing.

9:50 PM - My testicles are very tender, especially the left one. There is a dull ache in the entire genital area, but it is fairly mild. The feeling is almost exactly like "blue balls" when you go without a climax for a long period of time. They are definitely shrinking in size from their maximum just after being filled.

10:30 PM - The testicles are down to almost normal size (shucks). Still tender but getting better. I wonder how saline would feel instead of Xylocaine? It would surely hurt more since it would not have any deadening agent. That will be my next attempt. I also want to try injecting as much sterile saline solution as my scrotum will hold. I wonder what it would feel like to have 6 cc of saline in each testicle and a grapefruit sized load of saline in my scrotum.

Again, please do not try this unless you are willing to accept the dangers, and especially not without professional medical assistance.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 June 1997
in Saline Injection

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