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Experimentation with Scrotal Saline Injection

erimentation with Scrotal Saline Injection

Experimentation with Scrotal Saline Injection

I first encountered the concept of scrotal saline injection in Brenda Love's Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. There it was described as a way to temporarily, but greatly, increse the size of the penis as the saline solution was alleged to migrate into the penile tissue overnight. With that in mind, I decided to try some experimentation of my own.

Experience 1-

On my first experience, I used 250ml of medical saline, a 22ga hypodermic needle, and IV tubing. After a little contemplation, I decide to perform the infusion in a bath of warm water. I figured this would keep the scrotum warm and loose, plus it would offer support during the procedure. On the downside, it probably wasn't as sanitary as it would have been, had I done it in open air. However I experienced no problems with this method and continued to use it in my later experiments.

I drew a warm bath and added some bath salts, set up the IV tubing and the bag of saline, hung it from the shower curtain rod, and preped the area with 100% isopropal alcohol. I picked an injection site near the top of the scrotum, in order to avoid the possibility of springing a leak when the needle was removed. I released the flow lock on the IV tube and cleared the line and needle of any air. I stopped the flow, inserted the needle and resumed the flow.

After a moment I began to notice a dull burning sensation inside my scrotum. It wasn't painful, but it was unlike anything I'd felt before. I carefully took a seat in the bath and waited. When I sat down, the saline flow increased significantly, I suppose, as a result of the larger height difference between my scrotum and the saline bag.

I occasionally stopped the flow, and inspected the changes that were taking place. At first, my scotum just seemed fuller than usual, but after a short while, it was beginning to show obvious distortion.

After what couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes, the infusion was complete, even with all the interruptions in flow. I had reached the 250ml mark. I removed and recapped the needle. Toweled off and CAREFULLY walked to the bed.

My scrotum was swelled to about the size of a softball maybe a little smaller. Checking by hand, I could tell that the sac was stretched a bit, but far from taut. There was plenty of room for more saline solution next time.

I stretched out on my back in the bed, watched some tv and went to sleep, as it was quite late in the evening... I awoke the next morning and immediatly checked to see how much saline had migrated up into my penis. I was disappointed to find that there was no noticable size difference at all. In fact, it looked a little smaller than ususal, as my scrotum was still a little swelled. In any case, I was able to move about normally by that time. The swelling was largely gone, but the testicles themselves also seemed larger than normal.

I tried to figure out why it didn't work. Perhaps I hadn't used enough saline, or maybe I need to sleep face down, rather than face up? I resolved to to use more saline solution on the next experiment.

Experience 2-

Having seen no effect on penis size in my first experiment, I decided to to increase the amount of saline solution by 150ml. This would mean a 400ml infusion.

For safety concerns as well as timing reasons, I waited till the next weekend to try again. I repeated the steps I had employed the first time, but connected a larger bag of saline solution for this attempt.

This time, I didn't stop the flow nearly as often as I had before. There was the now familiar dull burn, and towerd the end, there was a sharper burning that occured toward the top and back of the scrotum. I can only assume this was from the saline forcing its way into these areas, perhaps stretching them in some unfamilar way. At the 400ml mark, I stopped.

The size of my scrotum now seemed enormous, perhaps the size of a grapefruit. For a moment I worried if this could have any serious, but as of yet unknown, side effects! I calmed down at once, and began to concentrate on the sensations. There was no burning sensations at all, but rather a full heavy feeling which was rather unusual, yet pleasant.

Again I laid down on my bed. For a while I watched tv. I tried to roll over on my stomach and go to sleep, but I normally can't sleep that way, and couldn't this time. I finally rolled onto my back and fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I was again disappointed to find no increase in the size of my penis. There was still a significant amount of saline solution left in the scrotum, but again I noticed that the testicles themselves had swelled. It was around noon before I could get about without any noticable difficulty.

Experience 3-

Having seen no evidence that a scrotal infusion would lead to a temporary and noticable increase in penis size, I nonetheless resolved to experiment one more time, solely for the purpose of concentrating on the infusion experience itself rather than attempting to use it as a means to an end.

Again, I waited a week then used the steps that I had employed the previous 2 weeks. The only difference was that I had two 500ml bags of saline solution on hand.

I began the infusion and allowed the first 400ml to go as quickly as possible, since I knew I could handle it. I took the next 100ml more slowly and then changed bags. There was the ususal dull burn and somewhere in that last 100ml I started to notice that sharper pain which seemed to indicate that saline was being forced into unfamilar areas. I took the next 100ml even slower. At 600ml my scrotum was unbelievabley distended. The sharper pain circled the base of my scrotum and seemed to be moving back toward my anus.

I let more drip in very slowly, spending perhaps 20 minutes on this last 150ml. At 750ml I stopped, even though there where 250ml left in the IV drip bag. My scrotum was stretched tight and I was more than a little worried about bursting my sac, it would have been very akward trying to explain to the emergency room staff how such an injury could occur!

I removed the hypo and gently stood up. When my scrotum came free of the bath water, I could feel the full wieght of the saline soultion. It was incredible. After the prior two infusions, my scotum was roughly sphereical in shape. This time that was not the case. The best description would be that it was shaped like an inverted portugese man-o-war jellyfish or perhaps a brain. The swelling of my scrotum extended backward between my thighs, much further than I had imagine it would.

I made my way to the bed and laid down on my back. After a few hours, I noticed that some subcutaneous tissues seemed to swell more than others. Also parts of the sac became much thicker than others. The tissues at the base of the penis seemed to swell the most, as well as the area deep between my thighs.The next morning, the swelling was reduced to the point where I could actually locate my testicles, they too were quite swollen. At least 2 to 3 times the normal size.

After 24 hours, there was still noticeable swelling. After 36 hours, things were back to normal.

Only after finding BME and reading some other accounts did I realize that a direct penile infusion could be used for a temporary enlargement. For some reason that never occured to me. Still I'm happy with my scrotal infusion experiences. Now that I know about the penile injections, perhaps I'll have to experiment further...

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 July 1997
in Saline Injection

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