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Urethral Play

I brought a set of fourteen Hegar dilators from an internet website. I was overwhelmed when the postman delivered them. I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the black leather case. And then, I slowly undid the zip to unveil the surgical steel urethral sounds.
I decided the best place to experiment with them would be in the bath. I ran the bath with intense excitement as I prepared everything I would need to dilate my urethra. I understood the sounds needed to be sterilised, so I brought alcohol wipes to cleanse them with.
I got out my tube of water based lubricate and then I pulled out the four millimetre dilator. I got into the bath and washed my hands. I took the sound and wiped it down with the alcohol. I then smeared lubricate over the dilator's tip and pressed it against my urethral tip. I slowly but surely inserted the sound inside my urethra. I placed my hand against the back of my penis, so I could feel it slide in. The dilator went past my penis and behind my scrotum, going further and further into my urethra. The moment was so alive and intense; I cannot truly describe it in words.
And then it ran down my perineum, before hitting the side of my urethra where it turns up at an angle to go into the bladder. I twist and turned the sound to no avail, it would not go to the urethra. At first this was a disappointment, but then I relaxed and felt the many nerves tingle deep within my urethra.
It is hard to explain the feelings of the nerves ripple for one who has not experienced the bliss of urethral dilating. There is a sharp and intense sensation has each nerve is awakened for the first time, and then it is as if they vibrate when they are rubbed against the sound.
I simply pull the dilator in and out of my urethra to stimulate. I performed this for fifteen minutes the first time, as the tissue can become sore due to its delicacy. Once I had taken the sound out, I urinated into the water of my bath and found the intensity of pissing dulled this way. Although it was the first time of using a sound inside of my urethra, it was not the first time I had inserted an object within. The first was a cotton bud that I lubricated and slid down into my urethra. As it is not made for this purpose, the cotton bud is far more uncomfortable then the steel sound. When the bud went in, it did not even reach the end of my penis and I masturbated frantically. I ejaculated a couple of minutes there after and then realised how easily the plastic cotton bud could have scratched my sensitive tissue. That is why I did not masturbate when I used the sound.
Although I must admit, I did after the experience with the Hegar dilator. It was different from using masturbation, as the nerves are still hyper sensitive. When the sperm shoots forth up the urethra, I felt the nerves activate as the fluid passed them. The tip of the urethra is the most delicate and so it was slightly painful when I ejaculated. The second session with the Hegar sound was not particular different from the first, although two things became more noticeable though. The first was the irritation of the tissue, which I found could be lessened through pulling slightly on the frenulum, so the sound is more central within the urethra. The second is that the dilator tends to move around if the penis is not held in place, and can even slide too deep into the urethra if the hand is taken off the sound. What I did to stop this from happening was wrap surgical tape around the end, so it would be too large to fit within the urethra. This is has far as I have got with urethral stretching and I hope to keep The Body Modification Ezine updated on my progress. I hope this article helps others in their experimenting with dilation. For those beginning their journey in urethral play, I would advise performing the following exercise:

Look in an anatomical book under reproduction or waste excrement to find a diagram of the urethra. Study it carefully, so you can recall it in your mind's eye. Then simply feel your urethra along penis, behind the scrotum and into the perineum, so you know exactly where the sound will go, before you insert it.

From my own experience, please use medical graded sounds or catheters as they are most comfortable and least dangerous to put into the urethra. I brought the fourteen Hegar sounds from http:// www.d-v8.co.uk/ .


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2002
in Sounding

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