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Bladder inflation

Before I start, I ought to say that I understand this to be an extremely dangerous activity. I know I have been lucky not to have suffered any ill-effects myself (except occasionally a little soreness). Of course, this does not mean that I am saying it is safe, or that anyone else should attempt it. In fact, I should really say that no-one should attempt it, but I cannot stop other people doing with their bodies what they will - it is none of my business. So, let me just share my experiences, and you can decide what you make of them...

Ok - so, what am I talking about? Bladder inflation - quite simply blowing air into the bladder through the urethra.

The first time I did this, it was actually quite by accident. I was around 14 years old. In those days, I was sufficiently flexible to be able to suck myself off (I'm now just a bit too well-padded to do that anymore!). So, one time I was there with my cock between my teeth and I decided to blow instead of suck. I guess I'd just heard the term "blow-job" and hadn't quite worked out what it really meant. Well, a jet of air went straight up my urethra and then I felt it shoot though the sphincter muscle into the bladder. It really startled me, and I was worried sick.

The feeling of the air inflating the urethra was actually exquisite. Unfortunately, it was immediately followed by the feeling of the air forcing its way into the bladder, which had a sharp rasping burning feeling.

I tried to pee it out immediately, but I was so scared that I couldn't relax enough to pee. Eventually when I did pee, the air bubbled out at the end of the pee, with a similar, but less sharp feeling at the bladder.

I vowed never to do that again.

Of course I couldn't leave alone! I loved the feeling of the air entering the urethra, so I started experimenting with trying to do that without letting it go into the bladder. I found that if I inserted a small tube, like a biro-top into the urethra, it was much easier to control the pressure. I also found that the air was less likely to go into the bladder if I was sitting down then if I was on my back with my knees behind my head (these were the two positions that I used to use).

As I grew up, I did this less and less - partly because I found myself less able to get into that position.

Well, I've started doing this again recently. Now I'm using a length of rubber tubing inserted into the end of my urethra, and I am blowing into it from a much more comfortable position.

The feeling of the air rushing into the urethra is still wonderful. I love to watch the urethra inflate and deflate as I alternately blow and let go. I've also found that now I rather like the feeling of the air blowing into the bladder, and blowing out again when I pee. The trick is to be as relaxed as possible. It also feels different according to what position I'm in - whether seated, laying on my back or kneeling on all-fours. It also makes a difference whether my legs are open or closed.

I always make sure that I'm drinking plenty of water when I'm doing this play, so I'm producing a lot of dilute urine - concentrated urine seems to sting a little. I like to blow as much air as I can into my bladder, and then let it bubble out - it makes my cock vibrate as it goes, which I find very exciting. I find that I can't do it more than three or four times in a row without getting a little sore - this is something where you have to know when to stop!

Another related play is bladder inflation with water. I'd inflate my bladder by forcing water down into the it. I loved the feeling of my bladder filling up quickly until that I was absolutely bursting, and then letting it go. I tried a number of different ways, the rubber tube, a large syringe - but the most effective was the shower hose.

Unfortunately, this seems very prone to infection - I've suffered a UTI three times after doing this, so now I won't do it any more. Fortunately, the UTI cleared up with the aid of antibiotics from the doctor, but I reckon it is bad form to have to keep on going back.

So far (and touch wood), I've never had any ill-effects from blowing air into the bladder, but I suspect it will happen, and if it does, I'll probably stop this too.

In the mean time - I'm enjoying it :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Sept. 2002
in Sounding

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