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Here's an experience I've not heard of or read about on this site or anywhere else. Those of you who have fun with urethral sounding and penile play may find it stimulating. Specifically the procedure is injecting air into the bladder through the urethra, with subsequent expulsion of the air when urinating. I suppose it would be called pneumaturia. It's kind of cool and unusual. It is not painful. It can be done easily, any time, with no mess. Here's what I did: using a 10 cc syringe (you could use any kind, or size. I used a Luer-lock tip; a straight tip might be too small. A "catheter-tip" syringe would be fine, but they're harder to come by.), first apply some lubricating jelly (KY, Astroglide, or the like) at the urethral opening, then insert the tip of the syringe into the urethra, with the syringe full of air. Holding the urethral skin edges firmly around the syringe tip, to create a seal, inject the air forceably. You will feel the air go up the urethra and into the bladder and hear the scunch of the bubble of air passing through the bladder neck. You can do this several times. There's no pain or discomfort, and with the small amoounts of air used, there's not really any sensation of urgency of having to pee. If you like catheter play, I guess you could put a bladder catheter in, then inject air through the catheter into the bladder, but I think the trans-urethral route is more fun. Later, when you feel like you need to empty your bladder, you will pass urine, then air- it's weird! It's fun. It's different. Sometimes there will still be some residual air that comes out the next day. I don't know of any harmful side effects of this practice, except perhaps putting in too much air. How much is too much?- I don't know. The normal bladder capacity is several hundred ccs. 50-60 cc of air doesn't seem to be a problem. Women might enjoy this experience too, but having shorter urethras, would be more likely to get bladder infections with this practice. We men, having longer urethras, are less prone to bladder infections- the bacteria get arrested before they can make to long journey to the bladder (longer in some than in others.) An off-shoot of bladder airing, is squeezing the KY jelly up into the urethra. You can get the urethra filled with the jelly, then when contracting the muscles you use in ejaculation, you can "ejaculate" the lubrication jelly in arcs accross some distance. My essay was too short, so I'll supplement with past experiences. I guess I kinda got into urethral play when I was going throug puberty. I was horny and interested in anything sexual. I enjoyed playing with myself and got curious about putting things down my dick. The first thing I remember using was a blue glass swizzle stick. It was smooth, with rounded ends, and about six inches long. I tried to come up with something longer- I wanted to go in deeper. I remember trying a broom straw, which hurt a bit when it met resistance and I tried to force it, then I had some bleeding and got scared. I didn't do any sort of souding play for many years until recently. When I discovered BME, a whole new world of mods, piercing, tattoos etc opened up for me. I want to get a tattoo, but haven't decided what or where. I plan to get genital piercing- to do it myself- probably with a reverse PA and a couple of hafadas. I have access to various medical sounds and other equipment, and have been doing urethral sounding. I was getting ready to sound with a slender stainless steel sound, and decided it might be easier with lubricating jelly in the urethra. I had lube jelly in a plastic squeeze bottle and was squeezing some up into the urethra. There was air in the bottle too, and that's how I came upon the experience of squeezing air into the urethra and into the bladder.From the squeeze bottle, I went to the syringe. I wasn't sure the air that went into the urethra actually had gone into the bladder or just leaked out the urethra, until I went to pee. What an experience!- air coming out with a soft hiss. I've also experimented with scrotal saline injections- that's cool too. As others have mentioned, it's fun to walk around with the biggest balls around, and no one knows it. It's amazing how much the scrotum can stretch to accomodate the saline, and that it's not painful. I've gone as much as 500 cc in each side. The only annoying thing is the saline leaking out slowly over the next several hours- getting your clothes wet. A smaller needle helps minimize this, and a clamp on the injection site can sometimes get it stopped. I'd be intested to hear if anyone else has been doing pneumoinsufflation into the bladder, and what your sensations have been. You could write in your experiences. This would be fun for couples to do together as well. I haven't gotten my sife involved in any of this yet- we still have a fairly conventional (and still exciting) sex life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 2001
in Sounding

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