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Feamle Uretheral Play

vividly remember the first time I ver heard about uretheral play. I was in my mid-teens and had found an original copy of the book, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask". I remember how it talked about some women getting pleasure from inserting objects into their urethra and how you had to be careful that the object used is not so small so as to get 'lost'. It even had some horror stories of people who had to go to the hospital to have things such as bobby pins and pencils removed. What made the most impression on me was when it mentioned that a woman could stretch her urethra so as to be able to masturbate it with her little finger, at the same time inserting fingers into her vagina and anus. While the rest of the book is hopelessly outdated by today's standards, that one passage just might have been ahead of its time. But it was enough to get me curious. As far back as I can remember I have always been sexually experimentative, so trying this was just another thing to do. Still, I was young and relatively inexperienced with myself. The first time I tried I was only able to insert the tip of my little finger, and all I felt was a great urge to pee. Disappointed but not deterred, I tried a few more times after that with no desirable results. From the experiences in the book I had been scared off of using any smaller objects. Eventually I got caught up in other sexual activities that gave more pleasure. But I never forgot about it. Then two years ago I came across BME. The more I read and saw the more curious I got, until I finally had to buy a membership. That's when I was introduced to sounding. Finally, pictures and experiences from people who do this! My interest was immediately renewed, but I was a bit disappointed that, at the time, there was nothing about this practice as it applies to women. Either way, I decided that if it was good for the guys, it was good for me, too. I looked up whatever information was available and found that some of the men said that they used Pilot pens. Hey, I had a pen like that! But I thought it would be too big to start with. What I did end up using the first time was an eyeliner pencil with a solid and rounded end. It was smooth, thin, and most important to me, long, so I couldn't lose it. At the time I wasn't too familiar with the internal measurements of my urethra, but I did know enough to go slow and make sure I used some lubricant. Was I totally surprised! I had an orgasm almost right away, and it was the strongest that I had ever experienced. It also felt as if it originated from a different place in my body, rather than the usual clitoral orgasms. If there is such a thing as the G- Spot, then I had found mine! With a bit of experimentation I found that the best sensation for me came from using a vibrator on my clitoris at the same time as doing the sounding. Over time though my urethra had stretched a bit and I did reach for the Pilot pen. It's about 1/4" at its widest and also very smooth with rounded edges, but also a bit more blunt at the end which creates a more intense feeling. I've never had the chance to try sounding with a partner, since my last boyfriend was not the type with whom I felt comfortable expressing this part of my sexuality. I have recently told another guy about it and he's interested in trying it out with me, and me with (and on) him, but other circumstances prevent this from happening. Hopefully I will find someone where sounding can become a part of our sexual relationship. Then maybe I will have even more to write about another time.

For now, here's a few things that I have learned. I have to mention that some of the following relates only to my own experiences, and your own experiences may be different. Unless you're into water sports, try to urinate before attempting to insert anything into your urethra. For some people the stimulation will be so strong and will cause you to pee against your will. Not good for the bedsheets. Go slowly. Make sure you have some water based lubricant handy, but don't use too much. Also, make sure your lubricant is as free from other contaminants as possible. (Eg; feces, saliva, bodily secretions, etc...) You don't want to get a urinary tract infection. Along those lines, make sure that whatever you do insert into the urethra is washed before hand in an antibacterial soap, and that all the soap residue is rinsed off. Again, the female urinary tract is extremely short and close to the bladder. Any germs that are present can cause an infection. Any soap that is present can sting. Any object inserted into the urethra should be long enough that the end will ALWAYS remain outside the body. You do not want to have to explain to an emergency room doctor just how that got in there. The lining of the urinary tract is extremely fragile, and the wall between the urethra and vagina is thin. Do not insert anything with sharp edges, including fingernails. The urethra is only about 2-3 inches long. After that you'll come to your bladder sphincter, and you will feel this by the tightening of the pressure inside the urethra. It may be difficult to pass by this point. I DO NOT recommend going past this point, as it is very easy to puncture the bladder. The sensation from the stimulation is no greater, and it's not worth the risk. Do not try to stretch your urethra if it is painful to do so. Go slow and enjoy yourself. It will happen over time if you want it to. Try to urinate after sounding, to rinse the urethra of any foreign bacteria. This is actually very good advice for after any sexual encounter. The day after sounding you may find that the urge to urinate is more frequent or feels 'different'. In my experience this is normal, but only for one day. If it stings, or hurts, or there is blood present in the urine then you have torn the lining in the urinary tract. Monitor yourself for a couple of days to make sure you get better. If the pain and/or bleeding gets worse, or does not go away after three days, go see your doctor right away. You may have a urinary tract infection, and left untreated it can, remotely, travel to your kidneys. For more information, read the interview on BME with CM Hurt regarding female uretheral play. It's from reading that where I finally learned a bit more about what I was doing. So, women, don't be afraid to experiment a bit. Quite a few of us already have metal in holes that we weren't born with - why not play with the one we were?


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on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Sounding

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