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I had my piercing experience with an excellent doctor in training. I had multiple piercings in my outer labia, inner labia and my clit as well. I also had my nipples pierced. I was a very shy girl before but madly in love with a guy who had a lot of imagination. it was a very important decision that I made. I already told the readers about the experience I had when those piercings were made but I want to tell them more about the ways one can use them wisely to increase the sexual pleasures both partners. I was not a big believer in stretching because I thought that it would be painful. Well my boyfriend wanted to try it so I went for it. Though my nipples were big and long , he thought that then longer and bigger it is , it will bring more pleasure to me and to him so he play with it. I also saw a movie from the Creative Art Collection with O'Pearl who has so much piercings in her vaginal lips and also on her nipples. The movie showed her nipples being streched with a contraption. My boyfriend being resourceful found a place where he can have the nipple stretching ring. Creative Art also had the contraption. My boyfriend called me one day from work and told me that he had a surprise for me and boy I was so excited. I could not wait for him to come home. I took a bath and dressed in a very sexy lingerie with a leather bra which has an open nipple area. My nipples were already pierced and also lond so they protrude proudly out of the bra. I also had multiple piercings in my inner and outer labia as well as my clit so I also wore a crotchless panty. My boyfriend came home and hurriedly came to out room mand he carried with him two boxes. He opened the first one hurriedly and , I saw the nipple strechers that he had. He removed the old rings I had and placed the nipple stretchers on each of my nipples. It was uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes when he massaged the outstrecthed tips of my nipples were pretty sensitive. It must be because of the stretching. He mentioned that it may also be painful and indeed the sensation of pain/pleasure turned me on. He said that weights can be placed also on the tips if I wanted to I told him that I would like to get used to them first.I loved the feeling. He opened another box and he showed me some Benwa balls like thing. It was different because there is a leash that hangs on one end. He had also some steel bars and silver balls hanging from a leash (2 inches long). The balls must weigh around 50 grams each. Since I had a 3 pircings on each side of my inner lips and four on the outer. I did not know what he wanted to do. I opened up my legs wide for him. He played with my lips first making me so aroused and and so excited. He removed the old rings in my inner labia first. He took the benwa balls and insert the 2 balls inside with the leash like thing protruding out of my vaginal opening. He took the bars and sealed the inner lips with the leash hanging out of the inner lips which were sealed by the bars. He attached a golf -size ball which hangs and pulls down on the sealed inner lips. It created a good sensation inside especially when I moved. He was not finished yet for he took the leashes with the weighted balls and attached them to the rings on my outer lips. They would dangle when I moved and also created a great sensation. We went out to a bar that night and met some friends while watching a game and what a fun night it was. When he is in his dominant mood and want to use me he would also hang weight on my clitoris. He used on me once a vibrating egg and sealed it with the bars. The vibrating egg has a remote control that makes me a mad woman in heat when he turned it on. It was great. He had such a great imagination that at times I would be wearing a long skirt and have some chains attached to my labia which dangles when I walk. Certainly I walk funny which some people have noticed. But I don't care because it was pleasurable but at times very embarrassing. He has also tried some time placing padlocks on my outer labia. He would attach the padlock to the outer labia stretching me as well as sealing my lips. He had also at times placed a chain or link between my nipples and attached them to my clit. He also had a very long chain attached to my clit, and he looped it aroung my neck and he attached some gold pendants that pulls up my clit when I walk. There are many ways that he could think of and I would update you for more things in the future.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2001
in Female Genital Surgery

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Artist: Resident+doctor
Studio: Apartment
Location: Midwest

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