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Clitoral Hood Removal

uring my twenty nine years on this earth I found pain in having anything or anyone touch my clitoral or labial area. My clitoral hood was abnormally long and I could never expose my clit. If my panties became wedged, I would feel pain where other of my girl friend would feel ecstasy.

Two months ago I became fed up with the problems and sought medical help through my GYN. He would not remove my overly long and tight clitoral hood or my labia minora. I asked for a second and then a third opinion.

This was becoming a difficult thing to accomplish. I just wanted to correct an anatomical problem, not entirely rework my body into something grotesque.

I searched on the internet and found a friend who would help me through the process. Kathy had the operation a year ago as she had the same problem and was very satisfied with her results. She referred me to a lady in the Lake Tahoe area who would make the genital modifications for a reasonable fee. Kathy was satisfied and she assured me that I would be.

The arrangements were made and I flew to Las Vegas and then rented a car and drove the rest of the way.

I checked into a hotel and then made a call to the doctor to meet her at the clinic. I was nervous, but she calmly relaxed my fears. The appointment was made for 8 AM the next morning.

I had a sleepless night and awoke the next morning only to take a good shower and get dressed to go to the clinic.

When I arrived, I completed some of the pre-op paperwork and then waited for the doctor to come. She was about 15 minutes late and apologized for her lateness.

I was ushered into an examining room and asked to undress and that the doctor would return to examine me. Within 5 minutes she entered the room and asked me to lay on the table and place my feet in the stirrups and relax.

She then examined my long clitoral hood and labial lips. This caused me some irritating pain. Soon she began to trim away some of my pubic hairs and then began to prep me for shaving. For the first time since my early teens, my mons was denuded of hair! I felt naked....

The doc took some batadine solution and placed some on gauze and rubbed around my clit, hood mons and anal area. It was a cool, burning sensation. After a couple of minutes she put a clear liquid on some gauze and rubbed it on my hood and labia and then had me hold the gauze in place while she got everything ready.

Minutes went by.....the feeling in my clit was fading....the whole area was becoming very numb...including my finger tips!

Soon she came over to the table, turned on a bright light as swung it into place. The bright light caused some heat to come to my exposed loins.

The doc to a syringe of a numbing solution...procaine it think.....I felt the first two jabs as pressure. She indicated that she was going to numb the clitoral area and all around the minora and then wait five minutes for it to work.

We talked for the five minute interval. She indicated that more and more of the women in the area were coming to the clinic to have their clit hoods and labia minora removed....the past results were very favorable and that women who had it done never regretted it and had improved sex lives. She said that she too had been circumcised only four years earlier by her other female counterpart at the clinic for similar problems. She was very happy!

Soon the operation began. I felt some tugging and pincing, but she was done in 20 minutes. Some stitches were made. The area was cleaned up and a simple gauze bandage was in place. In addition, she placed a panty liner over my crotch and applied tape to hold it in place.

She indicated that I could go back to my hotel and that I should remove the liner and apply ice to the area. She gave me a couple of plastic bags to use. She also indicated that I should return the next day for a check up.

I had no pain that night...just a slight soreness. I kept the area clean after each urination. The next day I had some slight irritating pain.

The doc examined me the following morning and placed an anticiptic ointment. She indicated that the stitches would dissolve in a week and gave me other instructions to reduce infection ans spped up healing.

I drove back to the airport and then flew to may home where I recouperated for the next two weeks.

I found that the area was sensitive to touch, but as time went on I could tolerate it. Jogging was an expereince!

I found that I got easily excited, but hurt a little due to the exposure of the clitoris.

After two months I enjoy my exposed clit now. It is very easy to keep clean. I have no soreness or regrets about having it done. Sex is much better now. My orgasms are much more intense! I have had several multiple orgasms in one session with my partner and enjoy it immensely.

I hope that more women do the same!

If circumcision is good for males, we females can experience more pleasure too!

Who knows, I may get my nipples pierced yet!

Don't hesitate!!!! Do it!!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1998
in Female Genital Surgery

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