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PA to Subincision

I've had a Prince Albert piercing for 30+ years. Over the last couple of them I've been increasing the thickness of the ring, from 4mm up to 8mm. The last stretch, up to 10mm was really causing problems. I could wear the new ring for a few hours, but then my whole (pun — unintentional) penis would be aching and inflamed. Urination past the ring was also a problem, as the thickness filled the entire urethra. I was getting back up and urinary tract infections.

I wondered about increasing the size of the PA exit hole by cutting, which would make inserting the ring easier, and allow urine to flow past the ring out of the hole, rather than out of the end (urinary meatus) of my penis. It would be a form of subincision — keeping my glans intact, but opening the shaft. There would also be a beneficial side effect. Because of past damage (post-operative infection, not self induced) my shaft skin is grafted. This has left the shaft with very little sensitivity. Opening up the urethra would expose those nerves to stimulation.

The next question was the "how". Because the skin grafts reduced the number of layers involved, and the nerve supply to the tissue to be cut, I could use a simple method — pinch/cut. This relies on clamping or pinching the tissue you intend to cut for a period of time before actually cutting it. Apart from numbing the area, the pinching helps to staunch the blood flow after cutting. I was intending to use a medium pair of artery forceps to do the pinching and a new (sterilized) pair of electrical side cutters to do the cutting.

Here is a safety warning. Cutting open your penis is quite heavy surgery. There are some big blood vessels there and you could easily end up with an awfully big leak in your blood circulation system. The penis is a complicated structure with many layers of tissue, which don't necessarily heal together. There are lots of interesting nerves in there too. Infection is a live issue. Because of the skin grafts my situation was simpler, and I wasn't going to be cutting any major blood vessels. The skin grafts are attached directly to the smooth muscle tissue beneath which is the structure of my urethra, a tube of mucous membrane. For the rest of you, go very slowly — a small cut is likely to be a lot less risky than a big one, and prepare thoroughly, wash thoroughly and wash again.

I decided to do the deed in my bathroom (it had a vinyl covered floor) on Friday night to give the maximum time for things to sort out before Monday. I sterilized the forceps and the side cutters, assembled dressings and paper towels, lighting and the right spectacles, a chair to sit on whilst waiting for the clamping to take effect, and a book to read. I also switched on the telephone answering machine and switched off all the downstairs lights. I also stripped off and had a thorough shower, washing my genitals with antibacterial hand wash.

I removed my PA ring, and gingerly inserted one jaw of the clamp into my urethra, through the PA hole (not the natural meatus) going downwards towards my bladder. Applying the forceps was painful, although I coped by incrementally increasing the pressure over about five minutes, until they were fully clipped shut. I left them in place for 30 minutes hanging from my penis. By the end of that time the discomfort had gone, and I was ready for the next step.

I released the forceps and took them out of my penis. They left a strip of flattened, white tissue running down my penis from the PA hole about two centimeters long. I inserted one jaw of the side cutter into my urethra and closed the cutters cautiously. Feeling no pain, I increased the pressure on the cutter. Crunch, the jaws met, metal on metal. I felt an immediate buzz. There was no blood at this stage, and the two sides of the cut simply sprung apart. I'd started my subincision.

I repeated the cutting process two more times until I reached the end of the crushed area. By that time blood and feeling was returning to the area. The pain was manageable — aching rather than burning. The blood started to ooze, then bleed, then flow, not helped by my erection! I was prepared for that though. I had laid by some dressing gauze (treated not to stick in the wound) and surgical tape. I inserted a plug of gauze into my urethra and over the cut edges, and taped everything up securely.

I put on a pair of briefs well padded with paper towel to mop up the gore, and went to bed with a couple of pain killers. By the next morning the wound was spotting, and, apart from a dull ache, particularly when passing urine, I had no discomfort. I checked carefully for infection, and re-dressed to wound. By Monday I only had to deal with spotting when I passed urine.

Healing over the next week was fine, and to make sure I had no re-healing issues, inserted my PA ring. By then bleeding only happened if during sex (we re-started after a week, with condoms). After three weeks there was no more bleeding. The various layers inside my penis seemed to be bonding together, and I could insert the 10mm ring with ease. Urination is very messy, but then I'm used to that wearing a big PA.

Three months later all seems fine. The lower end of the cut has healed to the normal "U" shape and I'm not getting any irritation from urine scalding. I'm wondering about lengthening the cut too. The only unexpected consequence is that I leak a lot. Until I opened my urethra I got very little pre-seminal fluid. Now it seems to be pretty steady when I'm aroused, and I'm usually damp with it most of the time I'm around my boyfriend. Because the ring I was wearing was a bit too big for sex, I bought a tribal dream ring which is very comfortable. It also rubs on the sensitive bits in both of us :-).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Subincision & Genital Splitting

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