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Strangling my Clit

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t dream of having my clit removed; even long before I was fully aware of its function.

When I became sexually active, I denied my body orgasms. Now don’t get me wrong, I do and always have enjoyed sex, I simply get pleasure from the wanting and desire that I get from denying my body sexual release more so. My first sex partners liked my notion since it relieved them of the pressure of satisfying me, but it took my husband a long time to understand. It resulted in some bumpy times in our relationship, but after he realized his masculinity did not depend on whether or not he could make me climax, he began to adjust to it.

A few years ago, I asked Mark how he would feel if I had a clitoridectomy. He was adamantly against it, but said that if I really wanted it done, he’d learn to deal with it. Naturally, I scrubbed that idea. We used creams and even tried injecting anesthetic into my clit to numb it, but the short-term effects weren’t worth it. The creams would get all over him and the injections really hurt.

I began using super glue to seal my clit inside my hood and that really helped, but it wouldn’t always hold so I began looking for ways to deaden it.

I found a web site of a man who enjoyed banding his penis and cock. The practice of banding his cock had, apparently, left his organ partially numbed. One idea turned into another and on and on it went until I finally came up with a plan. Banding wouldn’t work, of course, since a clitoris is much smaller than a dick, so I figured my best option was to strangulate it with something. Knowing Mark would probably object to anything "permanent", I decided not to tell him of my plans. If it didn't work, no biggie...he'd never know, but if it did work, I'd ease him into the idea.

When Mark went off to work, I went to work in the bathroom. I first stripped, laid down on the floor with my back against the tub and my legs spread, and then positioned a magnified mirror so I could clearly see between my legs. I made a noose out of floss and set it aside, and then began to prepare my clit. I placed a washer over the very tip of my nubbin then began to work it through the center. When I was satisfied I had as much of it worked through as I could, I pressed the washer firmly against my body. I was amazed how large my clit looked.

I studied it for a few moments, flicking it with a fingertip to get it to harden. I continued to tease it until I was close to orgasm then slipped the noose into position.

Holding my breath, I watched in the mirror as I closed the noose around the base of my exposed flesh. I was surprised how tight it got before I actually felt the first twinge of discomfort. The tip of my clit looked like a hard pink little ball. The skin was tight and shiny and it darkened rather quickly. Giving the noose another tug, I gasped as a single jolt of pleasure shot through me.

Studying my clit in the mirror, I gave the noose another tug and felt the noose slip tighter yet. I could feel my pulse where the base was constricted and knew my body was trying to force blood into the tissue. Closing my eyes, I gave the noose another tug and groaned when I felt a hard pinch. Half afraid I had cut into my nubbin, I glanced down. The head of my clit looked very much like the head of a very tiny penis. Keeping tension on the noose, I flicked the tip with my finger. It was as if my clit knew what I was doing and was trying to talk me out of it.

It was hypersensitive and I could feel every beat of my heart. I sat quietly and just watched it darken, still keeping tension on the noose. When my body seemed to adjust to that, I tightened it some more. That’s when I felt it crunch. Panic welled up inside me but since I didn’t see any change, I maintained the tension and breathed through the pain. (It hurt so good!)

I kept the noose on for about twenty minutes; closely watching to make sure my clit didn’t get too dark or start to swell. I didn’t touch it at all during those few minutes. I just sat waiting... watching...

After twenty minutes, I released the strand that tightened the noose and gently began pulling the other to loosen it. Little stabs of pain shot through my clit, making it sting as I released it. Holding my cleft apart, I studied my clit and gently brushed my fingertip over the tip. When my finger slid across the upper part of my nubbin, I could feel the pressure of my finger but actual sensation was diminished.

My heart began to pound inside my throat as I brushed my finger against the lower part. Could it have worked? Had I strangled my clit? I was really disappointed to discover that area was just as sensitive as it was before. Sliding my finger back up to the top, I double-checked it. Yes. It was definitely numb. Good and numb. It was almost as if my clit had been split in two. Half of it could feel, but the other could not.

A partial victory was nice, but I’m hoping for better results this time. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to try it a second time and with Mark off to Reno, I figured now would be the perfect time.

In fact, before sitting down to write about my first clit strangling experience, I strung it up again. Forty-five minutes have now passed and I’ve forced myself not to even peek. My clit feels hot, but surprisingly, there really isn’t any pain. Now that my story is done, I’m going to go upstairs and take off the noose. Before I do that, however, I'll take a picture of it and perhaps post it the next time I write.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it works out.

Happy clitting!



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on: 16 Sept. 2004
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