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Testicle Nailing

Testicle Nailing

I must admit, I didn't think it it would go as easy as it did. However; before you get some nails and a hammer, read my story.

It's the evening of Christmas Day and my girl friend is working, so I decided to do some penis stretching. Usually my pumping ends with pumping both penis and testicles. Toward the end of the pumping, I started thinking about nailing my testicles. I have seen pictures and actual footage of this type of torture "pleasure" if you will. I decided tonight was going to be the night. Since I work construction, it was easy to find some

16 penny nails. I cleaned them by washing them thoroughly with a mild abrasive pad and alcohol. Then I dressed the ends with a file to remove burrs. This also sharpened the ends. I then disinfected the nails. (Please ensure anything entering your body is sterilized.) Next I got a clean piece of pine, About two feet long by 6 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick. I washed the pine board down with alcohol.

Now I'm ready to clean my scrotum. I washed myself with an anti bacterial soap followed by alcohol. I used some new boot laces to secure my testies to the board. After a couple attempts tying them down I felt I was ready. With the board hanging from my scrotum, I made sure my hands were clean. I laid the sterilized nails on a clean sterilized paper towel and put some Neosporin on them for cleanliness sake. Let's see, I've got my hammer and nails, I'm tied to the board, guess I'm ready.

I checked again to make sure my testicles were secured properly and wouldn't shift around. I noticed how large they still were from the pumping. I was fully erect from the thought of what was to come next. I picked up a nail and placed it over my right testicle and found center. I started to push down to ensure the nail would go through my nut as it was driven home. I was pushing down fairly hard before I started to tap the nail with my hammer. After a few taps to get a feel for how this was going to go, the nail popped through into the testicle. I couldn't believe it happened the way it did. It didn't hurt one bit. I then drove the nail the rest of the way into the pine board with light but positive taps. There was a sharp prick as the nail came through into the board.

I picked up the other nail and centered it over my left nut. Using the same process, I pushed down for centering. I again used light taps and drove the nail in and through. I noticed that I missed going through my left testicle so I pulled the nail back out. I was right, I indeed had missed the left one. I again repositioned the nail. This time I wasn't going to miss. The nail was going home. Pressing the nail down firmly into the center of the left nut I raised the hammer and wham, I had driven the nail all the way through with one strike. This time there was some pain. I finished driving both nails further into the board because I wanted to play a little.

So I'm standing there with my balls nailed to a board and "duh" now I think of taking pictures. It would have been nice to take a few along the way. I took some pictures and untied the board. Took some more pictures. I noticed I could pull the board away from my body and could get some pretty good stretch from my scrotum. After awhile my nuts started aching. So I decided it was time to un-nail myself. Using the claw of the hammer, I pulled the nails just enough to release them from the board. Then I pulled the nails out slowly.

I took some more pictures of my slightly bloody scrotum and the board and nails. I

then thought I would try to masturbate since the pain was growing. The idea was good but I couldn't get an erection as the pain grew. That's when I decided to put this story in type. Felt it would be appropriate to record this as I experienced it. The left nut hurts more than the right one, but both are aching big time. They hurt enough that I felt like curling up, but it didn't help. If you do not like pain you will not like the next 30 to 45 minutes.

Well I've written this far and tried masturbating again since the pain has subsided. I can't say the orgasm was any more intense. However; the pain has returned. Probably from pulling on my testicles as I was stroking myself. I had fantasized about nailing my testicles in the past and tonight I did it. It was a great experience. I'm not sure I would do it again. Are there any permanent consequences for these actions? I sure hope not but time will tell. As with any action such as this, I remind myself that I have to be willing to accept whatever consequences that might be.

The next day my testicles were pretty sore. My scrotum had some dried blood on it where it had leaked out over night. After taking a shower, I examined my scrotum for the puncture points where the nails had penetrated. There were six of them. Remember it took two attempts to nail my left nut. I got together with my girlfriend that night. and she wanted to suck on my balls. She loves sucking on them. I wouldn't let her because they were still pretty sore. I didn't tell her what I had done. I don't think she would understand, even though I have a few mods, subincision and partially split head, which she likes.

Over the next few days the soreness passed and the puncture points healed. It has been 3 weeks since I nailed myself. There does not appear to be any permanent damage. I must admit, I have thought about another episode with nails. Maybe bigger ones. I guess I'm a little apprehensive that the next time I might do permanent injury. I guess only time will tell.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Male Nullo

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Artist: Charlie
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Location: America

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