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Castration experience with EZE castrator

For many years I had a desire to be castrated, but was a long way from affording a trip to the USA or Thailand for the necessary surgery. I should explain that I am not trans-sexual, just a regular guy that needed to be castrated. I knew about the Burdizzo method of castration but had heard reports that this wasn't always successful on humans. A mate with an interest in castration had acquired an EZE castrator from the USA (for details of this device see their site at www.castrator.com) and was keen to try it out so I was delighted to offer my nuts for treatment. The EZE castrator works by placing a thick rubber band around the scrotum, above the nuts. The band is then stretched by a ratchet and a metal clip fitted near the scrotum. A blade is then triggered to cut the unclipped part of the band. The result is that the clipped band fits incredibly tightly, squeezing the scrotum and the cords and shutting off the blood supply to the nuts. The scrotum and nuts then die and drop off. The device came with a video which showed how it should be operated.

We met at his apartment one afternoon as arranged. I was very excited that my dream to be castrated was about to become reality, although also more than a little anxious. So, after a couple of cigarettes to steady my nerves we got down to business. I had shaved off my pubic hair the night before so there would be no possibility of hairs getting in the way and causing any problems. I pulled off my jeans and leaned over the back of a chair; he inserted the metal clip in the device and stretched the band over the prongs. My nuts and scrotum were slipped through the band, which was then released from the prongs. I heard him pull the ratchet about a dozen times to stretch the band, then he pressed the lever that closed the metal clip onto the band. "Here it goes" he said as he pressed the trigger that cut the band free. I felt a brief ache like a kick in the nuts but it passed surprisingly quickly. There was a mild pinching feeling where the band had trapped the skin of my scrotum, but I could handle this. My nut-sack swiftly darkened and became numb. With animals the nuts and sack atrophy and drop off and we anticipated the same would happen with me. I was really looking forward to having my nuts drop off, and just hoped they would stay in my briefs and not drop onto the floor at work or in a shop - that would be really difficult to explain away!

Next morning my nut sack looked as though it didn't belong to my body - it hung cold, grey and limp and with no feeling at all. The only problem was a pinching sensation where the rubber band fitted my scrotum. I was really pleased that at last I was a castrated man. I showered and dressed and went to work as usual and felt really content and at peace with the world.

During that night the trouble began. I felt the rubber band snap and hurried to the bathroom to look in the mirror and see what was going on. The band had indeed snapped, leaving a short length of rubber with one end still attached to the clip, but releasing my nuts and scrotum. I remember being surprised that such a very short length of rubber had stretched right round my scrotum. The metal clip had cut right through the rubber band; I assume it hadn't been fitted properly due to our lack of experience with this device. My immediate thought was to get another band fitted quickly, but my mate lived many miles away and I couldn't get an answer when I telephoned him. My dead scrotum started to slowly fill up with fluid, and by next morning had swollen to the size of a large orange. I realised this could be serious and took myself to the nearby A&E. After doing an ultrasound scan the urologist confirmed that my nuts were dead and explained that I would need an emergency operation to remove my nuts and scrotum. I also had a lot of antibiotics as there was a real possibility of gangrene. After six days I was allowed home.

I was left with a neat scar and had realised my desire to be castrated, although I could have done without the humiliation of the visit to A&E. I also learned a lesson that the human body is very different to that of an animal and veterinary implements do not necessarily work on humans in the same way as they do on animals. I could easily have died as result of my experience and my advice to any guy seeking castration would be to get the operation done by a proper doctor.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2006
in Male Nullo

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