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My Castration and Penectomy

My experience is very dangerous, do not imitate me! I want to say sorry first, my English is not very well because I am Chinese. But I think, everyone could understand what I will have wrote below I have done the penectomy and castration about one year before. I am a nullo (I got this word from BME.). Here I want to share some experience about my operation. I am 25years old now. From about 20years ago, I still have a thought about castration and penectomy. In my childhood, a casual time, I have seen a pussy of a very young girl, there is only a slot here, smooth and hairless. It is very beautiful. In my opinion, the penis and testicles are redundant. I thought if I had cut those off, I am very beautiful and sexy also. This idea is buildup goes with my grownup. When I was 20s years old, I am captived by the bikini. A girl wear bikini would draw the outline of the smooth private, it is very sexy for me, I am hate the penis and testicles, I want to be smooth too. Another reason is I like the girls¡¯ posture of pee. Squat pee is dainty and pretty, I hate the men standing pee.
At first, I tried to use a lastex to binding the root of penis and testicles, and stop the flowage of blood. But when it went on about 30 minutes, I could not bear the pain, I tried this method several times and given it up at last. Then, I began to find a doctor to do a surgery operation to cut off my penis and testicles. Luckly, I found one at website in China last year. We talk about the operation by MSN. I hope divide up this operation in two steps. At the first step, he could reroute the urethra between the scrotum and the anus, and cut off the two testicles at once. After about one month, the wound would be resumed and the pee would be natural using the new pee hole. Then, at the second step, he would cut off the whole penis and scrotum to make my groin smooth. I thought the two steps operation is easier, safer and more comfortable. Another strongpoint is that, when he cut off my penis, I could use the new pee hole to pee, indeed, in second step, I do not need wear a catheter. But the urology doctor did not agree with me, he said only one step to cut off the whole ting is enough, he had lots of experience to do this type operation. At last, I agree with him. July 10, 2005 is a special day for me, because at that day my dream comes true. At that day morning, I arrived at the city which the urology doctor living. He told me to cut off all the hair at groin. I have done this as soon as possible. I have pee standing at last time, then I come into the operating room. We used the epidural anesthesia, so I kept levelheaded during the operation.
The doctor used some disinfector clean my groin three times, but I could not feel any thing. He used a scalpel to make an incision at the center of the scrotum from the end of penis to the center of perineum. The blood was effused, but I could not feel any pain. The assistant used some pledget cleaned the blood. The doctor cut out the tissue inside the scrotum carefully, then I could clearly see my testicles. They were forlorn and unassisted, I know I would say goodbye to them. The doctor asked me, ¡°do you repent of this operation?¡± I said, ¡°please do it as soon as possible.¡± The doctor ligated the varicosity, the vein and the artery of the testicles two times, then used the scalpel cut them off. I got the two testicles in hand, watched them clearly, two minutes berfore, they are a part of my body, but now they ware dead, although they are warm.
The doctor found the root of my penis, and carefully separated the cavernous body of urethra and the cavernous body of penis. He severed the urethra, only saved about 5cm from bulbus urethrae. Then he inserted a double channel catheter into the new end of urethra. He cleaned some parenchyma around the end of my penis, and separated my crus of penis. He cut off the cavernous body of penis, and sewed the nub of the cavernous body. He ligated all the capillary vessels carefully, and made sure there were none any petechias. The doctor carved the root skin of penis, and amputated the fascia of penis. After all of these steps, my whole penis was separated from my body. It is only about 10cm long, bye bye, my penis. The doctor cleaned the whole wound surface, and cut off the excrescent skin of my scrotum. He sewed up the skin of my penis and scrotum, whereas there were nothing here now. At the end of this operation, he sewed the nub of urethra at my perineum, the distance of my new pee hole and anus is about 4cm. The wound was sewed like a line, the length of the wound is about 15cm, my groin seemed very smooth. The assistant cleaned my wound, and binded me up. I was injected the antibiotic latter. I was very tired after the operation, so I felt asleep. I was waken by the pain of my groin at evening, it made me hade cognizance of that, it was not only a dream. I am very happy, although it is very pain. I could see my whole groin via a mirror; it is covered by the pledget, but very smooth.
I could walk slowly the next day, but made me felt very pain. My walking gesticulation was also very strange. At the third day, the doctor helped me to change of dressing; I could see the wound again. The wound is swoln, and became red slightness liked a girl¡¯s pussy. The doctor told me that would be OK after one month. At the forth day, I could walk normally, but the wound was also a little pain. At the eighth day, the wound is healing up. The doctor toke out stitches of me. It is also a little swoln and red around my new pee hole, so the catheter is kept here. I could find nothing at my groin. It was very smooth. When I wear a woman¡¯s pants, It is very like a girl. Only the pain was troubled me several times a day. At the tenth day, the doctor pulled the catheter out. Two hours latter, it was the first time I used my new opening to pee. At that time, I just waken up to that, I only could pee squat, I could not pee stand like a man, in fact, I was not a man after the operation. peeing squat is very special. The urine effused very very fast like a woman. Luckily the urine came along a line, and did not polluted my thigh. It is very pain when I pee from my new pee hole at the first time, because my wound was not concrescence very well. After about six weeks, I could not found any pain when I am peeing.
After three months, I had the first time masturbation, but the pain is coming from my groin. The feeling of masturbation after the operation is very wonderful. All of my body is excited, not only the penis before. After about 30mins of masturbation, I began ejaculated. The liquid was coming from my new pee hole, and it is thin and transparent. I think there were none semens in my sperm. After my castration, my libido is decreased nearly none, so I began to inject methyltestostercne six months latter. After two times injection, I got the same libido as before operation. The only error of my operation is that, the ureteral orifice was came to cabined because of the scar shrink. So, I did four times dilatation of my ureteral orifice with the help of that doctor. Then, every ting is OK, I could pee from the new pee hole swimmingly. Another problem of the urethra reroute is that, I could not control the emiction imperturbability, because my urethra is much shorter than a natural man. Sometimes, when I laughed a lot, the urine was coming out. To solve that, I used a sanitary belt bellow. It is very comfortable because I was dressing on woman¡¯s pants. I also do some exercise to control my pee. After two month, I almost could control the pee, so I only need to use an underlay. But I found I only could bear the full bladder about one or two hours, it is much shorter than a natural man, but very like a woman. There are one years after I have done this operation, I am very happy about my new body. Now, I also could fuck a girl, but must use a dildo. The duration of making love could be one hour or more, and the feeling of making love with a dildo is very larruping. The dildo scrubs my groin, that makes me coming to climax. At that time, the sperm with none semens comes from my new pee hole. The girl who is fucked is very contented. She says it is very pleased to play with me. That is my whole story. Now, I am very happy with my new body, and do not have any regret and repent.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 June 2006
in Male Nullo

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