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Castration attempt via lactic acid injection


2004-02-10 08:06AM: I injected 0.5ml of 88% lactic acid into my right testicle last night, in an attempt at self-castration. (My previous three attempts injecting vodka, the first of which is detailed at http://www.myevanesce.com/forum/topic_show.pl?pid=3555 ended up not having any apparent effect.)

I had originally intended to inject 1ml into each testicle, but it just started hurting way too much and I couldn't do anymore. I've injected 40% alcohol vodka into my testicles before, and it didn't hurt this badly (but it didn't work to castrate me, either).

After the injection, it felt as if someone was continuously grabbing onto my testicle and kicking me in the crotch, complete with the urge-to-vomit feeling. I was also feeling chills. I took two "Percocet", and then two more 4 hours later (the maximum recommended dosage) which allowed me to get to sleep eventually but I was writhing around in pain for a while. At one point, I noticed that it was difficult to urinate so I took some Cipro to ward off a possible urinary tract infection.

I feel better this morning, although my right testicle is swollen and tender, and my head hurts a bit (I think I'm "hung over" from the Percocet). If things go well, the testicle will eventually shrink into a hard nodule and die.

I'm not going to inject my other testicle for a while, though (and as long as one testicle is working, my testosterone levels will not drop significantly); it hurts too much and my willpower to do this has been drained by the pain! I have no idea how Scottie (someone from the Eunuch Archive who also tried this method, although he overdosed and his scrotum melted) managed to inject 3 ml of this stuff into both his testicles! Although I did notice, with my prior vodka injections, that it got harder and harder (in terms of pain) to do it each subsequent time.

2004-02-27 07:14AM: Well, the swelling in my right testicle ended up going down and it's been uneventful. In the end, I don't think the lactic acid injection had any lasting effect.


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on: 14 June 2006
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